Mummified Dog Given Name “Stuckie” Has Been Stuck In Tree For More Than 50 Years

Loggers working cutting down trees were shocked when they came across something very unusual inside a tree. They found a mummified dog, and it came close to being turned to mulch.

Loggers typically come across certain things when they are working cutting down trees. It is not unusual for them to find birds’ nests for instance, but one thing that they did not expect to find nestled inside the middle of a tree they were cutting down was a mummified dog. This is exactly what a team of loggers came across who were working for the Georgia Kraft Corp. while they were cutting down trees during the 1980s.

Dog Became Wedged In Centre Of Tree Chasing Squirrel

The loggers were working in a grove of chestnut oaks in Southern Georgia when they came across the mummified corpse of the dog. They cut off the top of the tree and were loading it onto the back of a truck so that it could be transported away when one of them decided to take a look down into the hollow inside the tree. The logger was surprised and shocked to see perfectly mummified remains of the dog complete with barred teeth as it was fighting for survival after becoming stuck in the middle of the tree.

Experts have studied the dog’s carcass and they came to the conclusion that the dog would have been a hunting dog dating back to the 1960s. The dog might have been chasing an animal such as a squirrel and it went through a hole in the roots of the tree and got into the middle of the hollow tree. It was speculated that the dog went higher up the tree chasing the animal but the higher it went the narrower the tree got.

The experts have said that from the position of the paws of the dog, it had continued to climb up inside the tree and continued to do so until it became tightly wedged in the tree hollow and was unable to move and would have eventually starved to death.

Perfect Set Of Circumstances Led To Preservation Of Dog

They also believe that a perfect set of circumstances might have taken place and although the dog had died it was not forgotten. Experts said that generally a dog that died out in the wild would eventually decay and other animals would eat it. Because this dog died inside the hollow of a tree no other animals were able to reach it and it was not out in the elements.

Another possibility is that the due to the height of the body of the dog in the tree, other animals were not able to smell it. The type of tree also played a part as it lends to natural mummification process. It is said that Chestnut oaks have tannins and this is used in taxidermy and tanning and this is used on animal pelts so that they do not suffer decay. The tannins inside the tree seeped into the corpse of the dog and this stopped it from rotting on the inside and preserved it.

The environment inside the tree trunk was dry, and this gave it shelter from the elements outside while at the same time taking all the moisture from the carcass of the dog. Air that was taken into the tree from the base then created a vacuum and this helped with the drying out process of the body of the dog.

The loggers took the mummified corpse of the dog to a museum where the rare sight is not on display to the world, and the dog has been given the name of “Stuckie” and lives on forever at the Southern Forest World Museum in his wooden tomb.

Family Dog Gives Birth to Litter of Puppies. When Owner Looked Closer at One Puppy, She FROZE

One puppy was unlike the rest and was unlike anything they had ever seen before. This little puppy – the only girl of the bunch – was born GREEN! No, that’s not a joke!

As shocking and false as it might sound, this is something that can actually occur to a puppy during birth. This colorful cutie earned the name Fifi, after Princess Fiona from the movie Shrek. I couldn’t imagine a more fitting name!

It was indeed all natural. Experts say that though it is rare, it can happen when light-colored puppies come in contact with a substance called Biliverdin, which is naturally found in the placenta.

While the color will fade in time, she sure has made quite an impression thus far! Have you ever seen anything like this before?

This is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. This is just proof that nature is far more amazing than we ever imagined. Watch the video clip below to see it for yourself. She’s seriously so cute!

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Pet Adoption Posters Find Creative Way to Use White Space

To help raise awareness for pet adoption in Mumbai, NGO World For All tasked their creative agency McCann Worldgroup to come up with a print campaign to, “inspire co-existence between stray animals and the people of Mumbai, by finding loving homes for the helpless ones and creating compassion, tolerance and humanity for those on the streets.”

Apart from adoptions, the Mumbai-based animal welfare organisation also conducts rescues and sterilisations of the stray animal population. In the series of posters below, McCann found a creative way to use white space and generate awareness for the campaign.

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