Willie Nelson admits he smoked pot on ‘the roof of the White House’ during Jimmy Carter administration

Days after a brief jail stint in the Bahamas for marijuana possession, Willie Nelson was invited to the White House by Jimmy Carter who thanked the country superstar for his campaign support.

Following a dinner in which the president spoke of his days as a peanut farmer and the singer talked of raising pigs, Nelson says that a “White House insider” invited him to the roof to look at Washington at night — and brought out a joint.

“Getting stoned on the roof of the White House, you can’t help but turn inward,” Nelson recalls of the 1977 episode in his memoir, “It’s A Long Story,” which was published Tuesday.

“Certain philosophical questions come to mind, like… how the f–k did I get here?”

Willie Nelson visiting President Jimmy Carter at the White House back in 1977.

Now 82, Nelson looks back at his life from a hardscrabble childhood in tiny Abbott, Texas, during the Great Depression to his Farm Aid benefit concerts to his triumphs as one of country music’s original crossover successes.

But in large part, Nelson’s book is about marijuana, for which the singer has long expressed — in a relaxed, stoner way — a passion.

Nelson traces how he discovered marijuana as a young performer and ended his dependence on alcohol and tobacco, which he blames for his parents’ deaths to lung cancer. 

Famous for his gray braided locks and beard, Nelson says he faced an initial stigma in the clean-cut country world when he embraced marijuana and the hippy culture of the 1960s.

But he writes: “I couldn’t betray marijuana any more than I could betray a family member or lifelong friend.

“That’s because marijuana has never betrayed me. Unlike booze, it had never made me nasty or violent. Unlike cocaine, it never sped me up or fired up my ego.”

Willie Nelson takes a drag off a joint while relaxing at his home in Texas.  (HULTON ARCHIVE/GETTY IMAGES)

Nelson’s book has come out amid changing US attitudes on marijuana, with four states moving to full legalization for recreational use, although his native Texas retains tough penalties.

Nelson recounts his run-ins — both legal and social — over his love of marijuana, including the awkwardness when he recorded one of his best-known duets, “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before,” with Spanish legend Julio Iglesias.

Nelson said he was advised not to smoke marijuana in front of Iglesias, who was trained as a lawyer.

But he writes that Iglesias, who had flown to Texas, voiced no objections and focused on the music when Nelson said he wanted a “down-home atmosphere” in the studio and “lit up a fat one.”

– Turbulent love life –

Co-authored with veteran music journalist David Ritz, “It’s a Long Story” — the title an allusion to Nelson’s saying that songs are short stories — is written in an unadorned, conversational style and offers little for readers seeking gossip about other stars.

But Nelson writes at length about his own travails, including intense fights with women. Nelson has been married four times and had seven children, one of whom has died.

In a blunt summary of his predicament, Nelson writes: “As a young man, (it) became more and more apparent to me — A hard d— has no conscience.”

Nelson also writes bitterly about his battle over millions of dollars in back taxes, a dispute he settled in part by releasing a 1992 double-album with proceeds to the Internal Revenue Service.

Former President Jimmy Carter (l.) talks with his old friend, Willie Nelson, on a platform of the railroad depot in Plains, Ga., in 2004.

He opines, without offering evidence, that tax authorities targeted him for his marijuana advocacy and for exposing government failures toward family farmers through his Farm Aid shows.

– Always an outsider –

Despite his ultimate success, Nelson devotes much of his book to his early failures as he resorted to selling vacuum cleaners and encyclopedias and depended on his first wife’s waitressing tips.

His break came in the early 1960s when he wrote hit songs for other artists, including “Hello Walls” for Faron Young and “Crazy” for Patsy Cline.

But Nelson remained an outsider from Nashville’s country industry and recorded albums in Texas, New York and Muscle Shoals, Alabama, the home of the blues.

Nelson attributes his eclectic tastes to his childhood hearing African American and Mexican artists on the radio.

He says his top influence was not a country star but Django Reinhardt, the legendary French jazz guitarist of Roma heritage, whom Nelson admires both for the music and persona.

“He wasn’t greedy for the spotlight. His delight came in quiet creation.”


Source www.nydailynews.com

Most Ridiculous Album Covers Of The Century

We all know how important first impressions are, as they are what essentially form our initial opinions and judgments. Call it superficial or whatever you’d like, but that’s just the way the world works. So, let’s take the art of music, for example. There’s so much more to a melodic masterpiece than just a pleasant tune and a catchy beat. Musicians that aspire to be legendary, must also perplex the art of engaging the public eye. To do so, they must brand their music with extra unique and compelling album covers (ugly or not), so that their music may never be forgotten.

On that note, Popular Everything has prepared a corky assemblage of the ugliest and most ridiculous album covers ever published, which are a captivating blend of both distasteful and amusing. Enjoy!









‘ELVIS NOT DEAD’ Graceland groundsman is ‘King aged 82’ – 40 years after his death

AT FIRST or even second glance he may not be a dead ringer for Elvis, but growing numbers of people are posting videos of him online, amid claims the long-held myth The King never actually died 40 years ago today is true after all.

As “celebrities who are not really dead” conspiracy theories goes it is one of the longest running and certainly the most famous.

But, ever since Elvis Presley’s death was announced on August 16, 1977, when he was 42, there have been countless theories that he faked his own demise and instead disappeared.

The official cause was not given, but it is believed to have been an overdose of prescription drugs that caused heart failure.

And over the years there have been scores of alleged sightings and pictures that have surfaced – many of which looked like pictures of some of the many Elvis impersonators across the globe.

More recently, attention has turned to a pony-tailed, grey-haired groundsman working at Graceland, Elvis’ former residence in Memphis, Tennessee.

Video clips of the man recorded in June last year at the 13.8-acre estate, which now houses a museum, have been posted on YouTube, with responses divided as to whether it could really be The King aged 81.

In a description of one such video, where the suspected Elvis holds two fingers towards the camera, YouTube channel The Shadow said: “Pay close attention as he walks up to the camera.

“Look this was a fluke…I don’t think he expected us to be watching. Or maybe he just took a chance because he doesn’t usually come so close to the camera.

“He raises his two fingers to the top of his left head as a proof of life signal.“He told us he is alive with the simple V sign.“‘I’m Alive’. He is giving us a clue that he knows we are all there watching him and to his most loyal fans that he is indeed with us.”The site speculated “Elvis” had even visited Graceland as part of a rally for Harley-Davidson motorbikes.It added: “There is a Harley Rally which goes on each year in Memphis. One of the things they do is drive over to Graceland for a photo shoot and it is our belief that Elvis is there helping out. He loves Harleys.”

Despite the channel being given an identity for the man, it has refused to accept this and disputed it is who others have said he is.

The Shadow added: “Our personal view is it’s him. When you look at his walk and gait, long arms it’s him 100 per cent.

“As he approaches he looks at the camera. As he walks away he glances at the camera.”

Elvis broke a finger on his right hand aged 25, which left a noticeable change.

Sign of life: Elvis believers hope this was a cryptic sign to camera saying
Sign of life: Elvis believers hope this was a cryptic sign to camera saying “I am alive.”
Seeing is not quite believing: But some YouTubers think they have found Elvis alive and well.
Seeing is not quite believing: But some YouTubers think they have found Elvis alive and well.
The channel added: “We tried to look at his right hand to see the pinkie finger but he kept three fingers folded back as if to hide the finger.But YouTube viewer Clarissa Mutlag claimed to spot a match on the man.She posted: “Look the pinky Finger of his right hand… Welcome back!”

The channel added: “We confirmed with a few sources that used to work at Graceland that it’s him. As soon as they saw the images we sent, they wrote back and said ‘yes’, IT IS him as they remember him with the exact same ponytail. 

“One said he had gained weight. But to be fair Elvis loves food and always had a problem with gaining weight so this should not be a surprise. 

“Plus, hey he’s 81 years old… So we can cut him some slack! 

“It’s OK Elvis, you’re entitled. We still love you, ‘just the way you are’. 

A number of websites and social media pages are now pushing the theory that it is him.

But many have pointed out he is too short.

YouTube user sluana1 posted: “I suspect the two fingers is signifying two months from now, and the Elvis week T-shirt is another clue. 

Seeing double? Or maybe not depending on your view of the likelihood this is an 81-year-old Elvis.
Seeing double? Or maybe not depending on your view of the likelihood this is an 81-year-old Elvis.

“Crazy, it seems to be him but why so open and in front of a camera.”

Luke “Luck E” Tieppo pleaded with the man to out himself.

He said: “Sir, if you are reading this comment page by any chance, and it is indeed your intention to be seen on this webcam.

“If you are planning something for August like you seem to suggest in this video, please do go through with it, whatever it is! 

“Whoever you are, if you have a story to tell then please tell it! If you are by some chance Elvis or a close relative of Elvis, we fans will love you and support you and, if need be, defend you to the world. Obviously you want to be seen and noticed.” 

John Orlando said: “He walks with a limp. He look a lot like him. I am never sure for sure.  But my guess is yes.”

Gloria Hestersaid: “For the first time. I believe this could be Elvis.”

But, Kathleen Myers posted: “No way! Elvis was a very ill man before he passed. 

“God rest his soul! He knew he was very ill in March of’77 and rewrote his will.”

Rustywells added today: “This Is Not Elvis!!!”

Zoenew9949 said: “This guy is a little short to be Elvis.”

And WHS 119 fumed: “look at the way this guy moves. Elvis had more grace than this.”

However, conspiracy theorists will be upset, after the mystery pony-tailed, grey-haired Elvis was tracked down and denied being the aging King.

In a YouTube video entitled “News Proof: Elvis Presley Graceland groundsman filmed Is Not Elvis Presley,” the man, who is a groundsman at Elvis’ former mansion Graceland in in Memphis, Tennessee, denies being Presley.

In the clip, the man appears to have been grabbed by a young blonde woman who has followed the story.

She says in the video: “OK, hi everybody. This is the famous groundskeeper that everyone thinks is Elvis. I found him here in Memphis.”

The man interjects: “I’m not really 81, OK.”

She says: “I literally found him. His name is Bill.”

He says: “I’m like a Pokemon go guy.”

He then mocks the conspiracy theory by placing two fingers at the side of his head, something he had done while being filmed at Graceland, and which believers had said was a sign he was giving that he was really Elvis.

That Time Die Antwoord’s Ninja Balled with Kanye and Drake

Die Antwoord’s Ninja tells us about the time he and Kanye West took on Drake in a friendly game of basketball.

Apparently, Ye had invited the South African rapper over to chill by the pool, but when he noticed Ninja had on a pair of basketball kicks, the duo decided to check out Drake’s court next door. As it turned out, the hip-hop star was ready to ball, decked out in new Jordans and a sweatband, and backed by a stacked team of Canadians.

Source www.vice.com

Watch an Impromptu Medieval Icelandic Hymn Sung in a Modern Train Station

Imagine making your commute home, bracing yourself for the human tsunami that is sure to greet you when cutting through a busy train station. Only this time, instead of the din of a bustling crowd, you’re met by an angelic chorus.

Fellow travelers silently wave you over to an open, domed hall, where the angels stand, singing in a semicircle. One is drinking a beer. Another is barefoot.

Okay, they’re not actually angels. They’re the Icelandic folk group Árstíðir. On this particular night, they had just finished a concert in Wuppertal, Germany, and were making their way back to their lodgings when they were struck by the station’s perfect acoustics. Its arched, stone ceiling created a cathedral-like environment.


Boosted by the success of the evening, the six men broke into song. A hush immediately fell over passersby, some of whom almost certainly missed their trains to stay and listen to the beautiful harmonies. 

Despite the fact that this song, “Heyr himna smiður,” dates to around 1208 and the Wuppertal Hauptbahnhof station was built in the mid-19th century, the sound and the space seem perfectly suited to one another. At one point a public announcement is piped over an intercom. Instead of ruining the music it magically weaves a new voice into the harmonic tapestry.


Source www.atlasobscura.com

Mozart Has Sold More CDs in 2016 Than Beyoncé

The artist who sold the most CDs in 2016 hasn’t toured in over 200 years, but is still more famous than Drake. According to a report on Billboard, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart made a massive comeback this year with a career-spanning box set that left other CD sales look weak in comparison.

Released in October, Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition is a 200-disc collection of Mozart’s entire musical catalogue. From his symphonies to his concertos, down to little scraps and fragments of his work, the set is one of the most comprehensive collections of Mozart’s music ever released. And at just over $300, it’s not even that expensive (considering the amount of music it contains).

The box set itself is a fascinating collection, and now it has the modern honor of moving more CDs than Beyonce, Kanye West, Adele, or David Bowie. While the set has sold just over 6,200 units, thanks to the hundreds of CDs it contains, it means that Mozart has sold 1.25 million discs. Pretty damn impressive for a long-dead composer.

But as impressive as it is, the figure may be ever so slightly off. According to the single one-star review for the set on Amazon, some of them may have shipped missing one of the discs (Disc 33, which contains portions of “Quintets String, Horn, Piano, Eine kleine Nachtmusik, Adagio & Fugue, Clarinet Quintet, Adagio & Rondo”). It’s unclear how many of the sets were affected, although even with a small portion of his work missing, Mozart would still likely come out on top.

Kids React to AC/DC and It’s Better Than You’d Imagine

If you are on the cusp of 40 like I am (38) then you’re probably starting to get that whole “old man on the porch yelling at people vibe.”   I find myself using the phrase “when I was a kid” way more often than I’d like.   As we get older we tend to pine for the “good ol’ days” and complain about much of the way society operates today.  One of the biggest areas of complaint I find my generation engaging in is music.  I for one can’t really stand today’s music on a general level.  There are of course great songs out there even by the artists I generally don’t like.  But overall, I just like the music from the 70s, 80s, an even 90s better.

That said, it’s tough convincing today’s youth that the music of the older days was better.  And when you try to convince them how great music is from the likes of “Hair bands” of the 80s or Rock n’ Roll of the 70s, you’re facing a challenging task.  However, if you put little kids up against AC/DC you might find that they have no choice but to absolutely love it.

At least, that’s what this video proves.  Check it out below:

Source www.tvovermind.com