A black protester hugged a white nationalist outside Richard Spencer’s talk. ‘Why do you hate me?’ he asked.

Randy Furniss, of Idaho, is punched in the face as he walks through a crowd of protesters outside a University of Florida auditorium where white nationalist Richard Spencer was preparing to speak on Oct. 19. (Bob Self/The Florida Times-Union via Associated Press)

Wearing a white T-shirt emblazoned with swastikas, Randy Furniss, hands in his pockets, walked slowly through a crowd Thursday that had largely gathered to protest white nationalist Richard Spencer, who was delivering a speech at the University of Florida.

Days before Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) had warned in an executive order that a “threat of a potential emergency is imminent” in Alachua County, where the University of Florida is located, noting that prior speaking engagements involving Spencer have sparked protest and violence.

The event was Spencer’s first public speech on a college campus since he led hundreds of torch-bearing white supremacists, white nationalists and others through the University of Virginia in a far-right rally in August that preceded a weekend of violent protests in Charlottesville. More than 500 law enforcement officers were deployed, with snipers positioned on the rooftops of nearby buildings.

“Go home, Nazi scum!” the crowd chanted, jeering at Furniss, of Idaho.

Suddenly, an individual in a green hoodie punched Furniss in the face, before quickly disappearing into the crowd. Furniss recoiled, but carried on walking. Blood trickled from his lip down his chin.

Then something unexpected happened.

A man went up to Furniss and gave him a hug, wrapping one arm around the Nazi’s shoulders, and another arm around his shaved head.

“Why don’t you like me, dog?” the man asked Furniss.

A man wearing a swastika T-shirt was hugged by a protester during protests around a speech by Richard Spencer at the University of Florida Oct. 19. (Twitter/Politics for Dummies)

The man, identified by the New York Daily News as Aaron Courtney, is a 31-year-old high school football coach in Gainesville. He said he wanted to show Furniss some love.

“I could have hit him, I could have hurt him . . . but something in me said, ‘You know what? He just needs love,’ ” Courtney told the Daily News.

The hug may have been a small act, but Courtney thinks it can speak volumes.

“It’s a step in the right direction. One hug can really change the world. It’s really that simple,” he said.

Courtney did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Furniss, a self-described white nationalist, explained his views to News4Jax.

“They want what we have. And we just want them to shut up and get on with life,” Furniss said. “They’re being raised up and it’s getting to the point where they want to push us down. That’s not right.”

Furniss could not be immediately reached for comment.

Courtney hadn’t originally planned on attending the protest. But he was surprised when he received a state of emergency notification on Monday, ahead of Spencer’s planned appearance, the Daily News reported.

Courtney didn’t recognize Spencer’s name, and decided to do some research.

“I found out about what kind of person he was and that encouraged me, as an African-American, to come out and protest,” Courtney said. “Because this is what we’re trying to avoid. It’s people like him who are increasing the distance . . . between people.”

Courtney was about to leave the protest, having already spent almost four hours at the scene, when he saw Furniss causing a scene in the crowd, the Daily News reported.

“I had the opportunity to talk to someone who hates my guts and I wanted to know why. During our conversation, I asked him, ‘Why do you hate me? What is it about me? Is it my skin color? My history? My dreadlocks?’ ” he said.

Courtney repeatedly asked Furniss for an answer, only to be met with silence and a blank look.

Exasperated, Courtney asked Furniss for a hug. He was initially reluctant, but as Courtney reached over the third time, Furniss reciprocated, wrapping his arms around Courtney.

“And I heard God whisper in my ear, ‘You changed his life,’ ” Courtney said.

“Why do you hate me?” Courtney asked Furniss one last time.

“I don’t know,” Furniss finally answered, Courtney said.

For Courtney, that was a good enough answer.

“I believe that was his sincere answer. He really doesn’t know,” Courtney said.

Inside the schoolSpencer’s speech was repeatedly disrupted and drowned out by people shouting at him.

After the speech, three men were arrested and charged with attempted homicide after arguing with protesters and firing a shot at them, police said.


Source www.washingtonpost.com


Judge who called convicted racist the c-word faces complaints probe

A judge who called a racist thug a “bit of a c**t” after he launched a foul-mouthed tirade at her has been branded a “hero” and a role model for children.

Judge Patricia Lynch QC was sentencing John Hennigan at Chelmsford Crown Court for his ninth breach of an anti-social behaviour order in 11 years when the exchange took place.

The 50-year-old was in the dock when he told Judge Lynch she was a “bit of a c**t”, to which she responded: “You are a bit of a c**t yourself. Being offensive to me does not help.”

Shouting back, Hennigan said: “Go f*** yourself,” to which the QC replied: “You too.”

Judge Lynch jailed him for 18 months for insulting and making racist slurs against a black Caribbean mother in Harlow, Essex.

After news of her four-letter retort circulated, scores of people took to social media to praise her reaction and choice of words – with many branding her a “hero” and an “idol”.

Stan Keaton tweeted: “Judge Patricia Lynch QC has a cracking reply to a racist thug in her courtroom.”

David Duncan added: “What a legend judge Patricia Lynch is,” while Gemma Tomlinson wrote: “I would like to buy judge Patricia Lynch a drink.”

Greg Stone tweeted: “Judge Patricia Lynch, a nation salutes you.”

Luke Farley said: “Hats off to Judge Patricia Lynch. I think it was a reasonable response given the vile racist in front of her.”

Marc Thomas posted: “It is a bit hard to give children role models nowadays but Judge Patricia Lynch QC is definitely one.”

Following the incident, complaints have been made against Judge Lynch.

The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office (JCIO) handles complaints made about judges both inside and outside court.

A spokesman said: “The JCIO has received complaints regarding HHJ (Her Honour Judge) Patricia Lynch’s comment in court which will be considered in accordance with the Judicial Conduct (Judicial and other office holders) Rules 2014.”


Source www.independent.co.uk

Canada’s New Law Lets Government Take Children Away If Parents Don’t Accept Their Gender Identity

A Canadian province has passed a law that gives rights to the government to take away children from families that don’t accept their kid’s chosen “gender identity” or “gender expression”.

The Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act of 2017, also know as Bill 89, was passed in Ontario by a vote of 63 to 23, The Christian Times reported.

The law, which replaces old laws governing child protection, foster care and adoption services, instructs all child services and judges, to take into consideration a child’s “race, ancestry, place of origin, color, ethnic origin, citizenship, family diversity, disability, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.”

Minister of Child and Family Services Michael Coteau, who introduced the bill, said “I would consider that a form of abuse, when a child identifies one way and a caregiver is saying no, you need to do this differently.”

“If it’s abuse, and if it’s within the definition, a child can be removed from that environment and placed into protection where the abuse stops.”

The old law used to allow parents to “direct the child’s education and religious upbringing.” The new bill, however, amends such rights of the parents.

It now emphasizes a child’s “identity and allows parents only to “direct the child or young person’s education and upbringing, in accordance with the child’s or young person’s creed, community identity and cultural identity.”

Ontario children and youth advocate Irwin Elman celebrated the bill and said it signals a “paradigm shift” and creates a “child-centered system of service” with “the commitment to anti-racism and children’s rights.”

Jack Fonseca, a political strategist for Campaign Life Coalition, meanwhile, criticized the new law.

“With the passage of Bill 89, we’ve entered an era of totalitarian power by the state, such as never witnessed before in Canada’s history. Make no mistake, Bill 89 is a grave threat to Christians and all people of faith who have children, or who hope to grow their family through adoption.”

The child services in Ontario, Canada got into hot water back in April after it removed two foster children from a Christian couple’s home because they said no to lying to the girls that the Easter bunny is real, The Christian Post reported.

Derek Baars, one of the foster parents, said “We have a no-lying policy” after being told by a child support worker that they must tell the girls, aged 3 and 4, that the Easter bunny is real because it’s an important part of Canadian culture.

“We explained to the agency that we are not prepared to tell the children a lie. If the children asked, we would not lie to them, but we wouldn’t bring it up ourselves,” he added.


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Revealed: The Most Expensive Divorce Settlements

  1. Divorce isn’t easy, especially when you have a fortune you are forced to share. See which celebs gave in to alimony and shared their millions, going down in history as the most expensive divorces ever!

Steve & Elaine Wynn – $741 million

Casino mogul Steve Wynn had lot’s of luck in business, but as far as his love life he’s managed to strike out twice, with the same woman! Wynn divorced his wife, Elaine, for the second time in 2010, costing the billionaire $741 million!


Paul McCartney & Heather Mills – $48.6 Million

When Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills celebrated their marriage with a lavish $3.2 million wedding in Ireland, he probably wasn’t thinking that he’d be spending a whole lot more than that dissolving it.  In the end, McCartney’s investment in Mills didn’t turn out too well for the former Beatle, as he had to pay her $48.6 million as a divorce settlement. The model turned activist was also awarded  $15 million in real estate, including an English seaside condo in Angel’s Rest, and a countryside home in Pean’s Wood.


Neil Diamond & Marcia Murphey – $150 million

Neil allegedly fell in love with the TV producer while he was still married to his first wife, Jane Posner. After they had divorced, Marcia stepped in and married the singer-songwriter in 1969. 25 years and two children later, Murphey filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences, and walked away with half of Neil’s earnings: $150 million! Once rumors of Diamond’s unfaithfulness spread around Hollywood, the odds were in Marcia’s favor. However, Neil isn’t bitter; he later said that “she’s worth every penny.”


Robert & Sheila Johnson – $400 million

Professional differences became personal for Sheila and Robert Johnson. The co-founder of Black Entertainment Television is also known for being the first male African-American billionaire. After 33 years of marriage to his partner, Sheila Johnson, the two decided to separate in 2002; but it wasn’t that simple. Two years before their divorce, in 2000, Johnson sold BET to Viacom for $3 billion; of which Sheila ended up getting $400 million. Sheila also ended up marrying her divorce lawyer in one of the most epic divorce plot twists ever.


Bernie & Slavica Ecclestone – $1 Billion

Bernie and Slavica Ecclestone are definitely known for being one of the most expensive divorces. A well-known model in her heyday, Slavica has also become the ex-wife of former Formula One CEO Bernie Ecclestone. In 2009, the unlikely couple made headlines for all the wrong reasons after having a divorce settlement worth an incredible $1 billion! Not wasting any time, Slavica turned this money into $1.6 billion from investments. She sure knew how to turn this negative into a very profitable positive.


Alec & Jocelyn Wildenstein – $2.5 Billion

Alright, so Bernie and Slavica’s astronomical divorce settlement was impressive, but they have nothing on the Wildensteins! Jocelyn managed to get $2.5 billion out of her former spouse Alec Wildenstein, who is a French businessman, art dealer, racehorse owner, and billionaire. Renowned for her plastic surgery, costing a total of $2 million, Jocelyn thought changing her look would make her husband more interested in her. Unfortunately, it had the opposite effect. She later sued for divorce on the grounds of her husband’s adultery in 1999.


Dmitry & Elena Rybolovlevi – $4.5 Billion

You’d think that a couple who has been together for 26 years would stay together forever; but sadly for Dmitry and his bank account, this wasn’t the case. Dmitry ended up coughing up half of his money, during a long and bitter divorce with his now ex-wife Elena Rybolovlevi. The six-year legal battle that put the Russian billionaire in the spotlight finally came to an end after he reluctantly agreed to a hefty settlement with his ex-wife Elena, who was awarded $4.5 billion by a Swiss court.


Rupert Murdoch & Wendi Deng – $1.8 Million

Rupert Murdoch started dating Chinese-American actress and businesswoman Wendi Deng shortly after separating from his first wife. The News Corporation chairman and CEO didn’t waste any time as he married Deng just 17 days after his previous divorce was finalized. In June 2013, Murdoch decided Deng wasn’t doing it for him anymore and divorced her, settling for a mere $1.8 million. However, Murdoch did leave Deng with a Beijing Mansion worth an estimated $10 million, so if times get tough, she can always cash in on that.


Rupert Murdoch & Anna Maria Torv – $1.2 Billion

We couldn’t write about Rupert Murdoch without mentioning Anna Maria Torv, his wife of 32 years! The couple who had three children together split up in 1999. The media mogul who owned news outlets such as New York Magazine and Century FOX Films ended up amassing a net worth of $8 billion. Torv received $1.2 billion as part of the couple’s divorce settlement. Torv got herself together quickly as she remarried six months later to financier William Mann, to whom she is still married.


Heidi Klum & Seal – $70 Million

This is one Hollywood couple we were all especially invested in rooting for their success from the sidelines. Heidi claims that Seal’s temper got so out of control that it started to scare their children, which is when she decided to divorce the singer. Although our hearts are broken as a result of Heidi Klum and Seal’s break-up, what’s even more broken is the supermodel’s bank account! Despite their prenup agreement, Klum ended up settling the divorce for $70 million.


Michael & Diandra Douglas – $45 Million

The Oscar-winning actor married the 19-year-old daughter of an Austrian diplomat, in 1977, and had a son with her a year later. In 1995, Diane filed for divorce after Michael’s years of drug abuse and time in prison took a toll on the marriage. By the end of their divorce, Diandra received a $45 million settlement, which was half of the actor’s net worth at the time. Diandra also received a share in projects related to work Michael did while they were together.


Demi Moore & Bruce Willis – $90 Million

Everyone’s favorite 90’s couple, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, were married for 11 years and even have three daughters together, which for Hollywood standards pretty impressive! Sadly, like most of our favorite celebrity marriages, it didn’t last forever.  After the couple divorced in 2000, Bruce said that he felt like “he had failed as a father and as a husband.” In the meantime, Demi moved on with a new and younger man, Ashton Kutcher, as well as a $90 million settlement.


Steven Spielberg & Amy Irving – $100 Million

Although Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving didn’t have the best start to their relationship, the two ended up marrying in 1985. Three and a half years into their marriage, the couple agreed to divorce, as they were continuously complaining about their packed schedules and the challenges of family life in Hollywood. In the end, Amy Irving got $100 million for the divorce which might seem like a lot, but it was just a drop in the bucket for Spielberg, whose worth more than $5 billion.


How do EU like that? Theresa May ready to hand Brussels its OWN Brexit divorce bill

THERESA May is preparing to slap Brussels with a hefty Brexit bill of its own in response to European Union (EU) demands for an eye watering £85 billion divorce payment.

Mrs May said the bloc owed Britain billions of pounds for its share of the European Investment Bank and other joint projects.

She told the Sunday Telegraph “money paid in the past” by the UK must be taken into account in any final financial settlement thrashed out during the forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

The Prime Minister insisted the UK had financial “rights” that must be respected during discussions about payments as well as “obligations” to the EU as it leaves.

The intervention is a clear rejection of hardline EU countries who have argued that the UK should not get back its proportion of EU assets.

Theresa May
Reports from Brussels have claimed Brexit negotiators want
Britain to stump up tens of billions of pounds when the to cover EU payments that have already been agreed.But Mrs May pushed back on the amounts that “some of the figures the EU” have been pushing for the so-called Brexit bill.She said: “There is much debate about what the UK’s obligations might be or indeed what our rights might be in terms of money being paid in in the past. We make it clear that we would look at those both rights and obligations.”“There’s the investment bank, there’s the investment fund, there are various areas. This will be, as you know, an important part of the negotiations.”
Brexit talks are expected to get under way straight after the General Election
The comment is the first time the Prime Minister has indicated publicly she wants to keep a share of the European Investment Bank.Government sources said the UK’s share of the bank has been estimated at 16 per cent – which equals to around £8.5 billion.EU officials expect Brexit negotiations to begin in earnest just 10 days after the result of the General Election is announced.Michel Barnier, the bloc’s chief negotiator, is understood to have pencilled in June 19 as the first day for detailed talks on Britain’s departure from the bloc.
Britain has an £8.5bn stake in the European Investment Bank
The session is expected to kick off weeks of intense wrangling over the UK’s future relationship with the EU during the summer.Ministers from the 27 other EU nations are due to meet on Monday to confirm the timetable for the talks.An EUB official involved in the Brexit negotiation process said: ”The 19th is tentative, because Britain cannot confirm anything until after the elections.””The 19th is the earliest date they can envisage.”


Source www.express.co.uk

Student could be spared jail for stabbing date because it could harm her career

A student at Oxford University who stabbed her boyfriend in the leg looks as though she could be spared a prison sentence.

Lavinia Woodward, 24, who wants to be a heart surgeon, punched her victim before stabbing him with a bread knife.

She also threw a laptop, a glass, and a jam jar at him at Christ Church College, Oxford while drunk and high.

Judge Ian Pringle told her that normally such an offence would mean a custodial sentence.

However, he added that to do so would be unfair because it might affect her career.

He said: ‘It seems to me that if this was a one-off, a complete one-off, to prevent this extraordinary able young lady from not following her long-held desire to enter the profession she wishes to, would be a sentence which would be too severe.

‘What you did will never, I know, leave you but it was pretty awful, and normally it would attract a custodial sentence, whether it is immediate or suspended.’

The court was told her college will allow her to return to the college in October because she ‘is that bright’ with articles published in medical journals.

Woodward did not attend court as she was in Milan, Italy, with her mum, the court heard.

Prosecutor Cathy Olliver said Woodward met her ex on Tinder and at the time of the attack, September 30, her behaviour ‘deteriorated’.

The student boyfriend called Woodward’s mum on Skype, and his then-girlfriend punched him in the face before picking up a bread knife and stabbed him in the leg.


Defending, James Sturman QC said his drug addict client’s dreams of becoming a surgeon were ‘almost impossible’ as her conviction would have to be disclosed.

But he claimed Christ Church will allow her to return to the college in October.

Woodward had a ‘very troubled life’ and had been abused by another ex, Mr Sturman said.

Woodward will be sentenced on September 25 and was handed a restraining order told to stay drug-free and not to re-offend.

Source metro.co.uk

Autistic Man Called “Stupid” By Gym Staff Teaches Himself Law, Sues The Company And Wins

When Ketan Aggarwal, a 30-year-old Londoner with autism, was ridiculed by a spin class instructor at his local Virgin Active gym, he decided to take retribution into his own hands. After spending 2 years teaching himself law with the help of library books and online resources, he took Virgin Active to court – and won.

In a distressing May 2015 incident, Aggarwal was reportedly called ‘stupid’ multiple times by the accused gym staff member during a spin class, and was rudely berated for requesting a change of music. He made an official complaint, but was ignored, which led him to file a legal claim. Representing himself in court, he ended up victorious, and was awarded £1,390 as well as a written apology from Virgin Active. The instructor was dismissed from his job at the gym.

“When someone discriminates [against] someone with a mental disability, they don’t think they are going to pick up law, submit a legal claim and then successfully argue it in a court of law,” Aggarwal publicly stated. “It felt amazing to win.”

This is Ketan Aggarwal, an autistic man who was repeatedly called ‘stupid’ by a gym instructor

Image credits: Ketan Aggarwal

The 30 y/o Londoner decided to sue Virgin Active after his complaint to the gym was ignored

Image credits: Ketan Aggarwal

He spent 2 years teaching himself law, with the help of library books and online resources

Image credits: Peter Stack

Representing himself in court, Aggarwal proved that he had been discriminated against

Image credits: Unknown

In a sweeping victory, Virgin Active was ordered to pay him a total of £1,390 in compensation

Image credits: Ketan Aggarwal

They were also ordered to issue a written apology, all Aggarwal really ever wanted

Image credits: Google Maps

“It wasn’t about the money…” he publicly stated, but added that “it felt amazing to win”

Image credits: Ketan Aggarwal