The 7 Hamburgers of the Apocalypse

Hamburgers, next to apple pie and statins they’re the ambassadors of American cuisine–for better or for worse–and these harbingers of heart disease might be the baddest of all.

Here are 7 over the top hamburgers that are guaranteed to clog your arteries by just looking that them:

Would you risk death by eating any of them?

1. The Quadruple Bypass Burger

The Quadruple Bypass Burger from the Heart Attack Grill; four burger patties with side orders of Jolt Cola, unfiltered Lucky Strike cigarettes and French fries deep-fried in pure lard.


2. Big Daddy Barrick Burger

Sonya Thomas, a 5’5 99-pound competitive eating champion, downed an 18 pound Big Daddy Barrick Burgerin Las Vegas a few years ago.

3. The Hotdog Hamburger

This one hails from England. I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s a hamburger with a chopped hotdog on top.

4. Mulligan’s Monster

Mulligan’s invented the Hamdog, one hotdog wrapped in a beef patty and cheese, then deep-fried, covered with chili and onions and served on a bun with a fried egg on top.


5. Dyer’s Burgers

Dyer’s Burgersare deep-fried hamburgers piled with mustard, onion and pickle and paired with a single, double or triple-order of cheese fries.

6. Whatafarm Burger

Whataburger puts the entire farm in one sandwich; bacon, cheese, fried egg, burger patty, and chicken cutlet. They affectionately call it the “Whatafarm” burger.

7. Luther Burger

Another Mulligan’s creation, the Luther Burger. Named after Luther Vandross it’s a bacon cheeseburger sandwiched between two glazed donuts.

Now, I hope you all find it incredibly ironic that a guy who doesn’t eat meat was asked to compile a list of monstrous hamburgers. I do.

How American Cricket Farmers Raise Bugs for Us to Eat

I tend to go through sample trays like an open-mouthed freight train. You can imagine my delight when I was at a food conference earlier this year and there was a banquet table overflowing with food samples. I ate my way through the entire smorgasbord, but it was cookies from Bitty Foods that called me back. As I stuffed three more cookies into my face I asked, “Guys, what the hell are these? They’re so damn good!” The two people behind the table responded, “Our cookies are made out of crickets.” I suddenly felt nauseous.

Out of politeness, however, I feigned nonchalance and said, “Oh great!” and then scampered away to collect myself. When I went back upstairs and had a few minutes to process, I realized that I felt totally fine up until I was told that I had just consumed bugs, so—clearly—my nausea was not really a physical reaction, but a mental one.

Later that evening, I did some research to find out more about bug eating, AKA entomophagy. As it turns out, we are all unwitting entomophagists already: The Food and Drug Administration allows for a small amounts of harmless but “unavoidable defects” in processed foods that include insect parts, insect larvae, insects eggs, and insect sacs. Last year, the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization issued a lengthy report on the plus side of adding critters to the Western diet, advising us to ingest more than 1,900 edible species of bugs because our population is exploding. It would be more than sustainable to consume them. To make things more complicated, the 7.2 billion human bodies on earth are expected to increase to 9.6 billion by 2050. Locust burritos, anyone?

If I want to be a good global citizen, I should be eating bugs. Since eighty percent of the world is already doing this, the west needs to get over our biased stigma towards things we try to decimate with aerosol cans of poison and bait traps. But if Western culture does eventually embrace insects as a viable/common resource for protein, how will we raise these bugs? Is there such a thing as organically raised, sustainably grown crickets? And what do they eat? Don’t insects deserve a good life and humane slaughter-like, pasture-raised chickens and cattle?

To answer these questions, I got in touch with cricket farmer Kevin Bachhuber, who began eating bugs in 2006 during a trip to Thailand. “You go to a bar, you order your beer… and they give you a bowl of bamboo worms or dry roasted crickets,” he tells me. “It’s the perfect bar food. Plus you get a little extra protein and don’t quite have so much of a hangover the next day.”

Bachhuber opened Big Cricket Farms in Youngstown, Ohio in April of this year, but he’s already fielding requests from clients in the US, Australia, Iceland, Mexico, and Canada. MRE (meals-ready-to-eat) manufacturers are “sniffing around” and vitamin/supplement companies are interested because “omega-3 and omega-6 in crickets are decent substitute for fish oil.”

Like any other farm, Big Cricket Farms is regulated by the local Department of Agriculture. The USDA is still developing regulations for edible insect farms, but Bachhuber tries to “meet and exceed the USDA’s rules on raising (and) processing any kind of food.”

The insects at Big Cricket Farms are housed in large troughs, each holding about 3,000 crickets, within a 5,000-square-foot warehouse. If a trough gets too full, the crickets get grumpy. “They’ll find a way to escape,” says Bachhuber. “They’ll bite each other, they’ll eat each other. It’s not super common for them to eat each other, but it does happen a little bit.” Other than that, it seems like crickets have a good life: The temperature and humidity is perfectly regulated (80-90 degrees Fahrenheit, 90 percent humidity), they are free from predators, and enjoy organic OMRI feed. In the final days of their life, Bachhuber will give them fresh, organic vegetables to fatten them up (and, he admitted, to assuage his guilt). Sounds a miniature Stone Barns.

To kill them, Bachhuber puts the crickets in a coffin freezer—he is still waiting for his walk-in—and the crickets go into their natural state of diapause, which is “like hibernation, but more complete.” Bachhuber then turns the temperature even lower and the crickets die painlessly. “There is no neurological pain for them in this process,” he says. “They just gradually slow down and cease animation…and then we freeze them down a little deeper and then they can’t wake back up.”

The yields are impressive: Approximately two pounds of food and one gallon of water will produce one pound of crickets (about 1,000 crickets), and 24 square feet of space yields approximately 30 pounds of crickets about every eight weeks. Crickets require much less food, water, space, land, and time than traditional livestock, and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

As I listen to Bachhuber talk about crickets, I started to wonder why most Western eaters haven’t embraced entomophagy. “There is no way that insect eating was not a major part of our evolutionary development,” says Bachhuber. “It’s such an easily accessible protein source compared to, like, a hunting down a mammoth.” He thinks that our aversion to edible insects also has to do with a “depersonalization of our food supply.” When we buy beef, there is usually no visual connection to the animal it came from. With bugs however, “generally, you’re going to eat all or almost all of a given insect.”

As convincing as Bachhuber was, it’s probably going to take me a little time before I can detach myself from my neurotic Western aversion to consuming the creatures that are the soundtrack to summer nights—or whole cricket, as it were—and cook from The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook. I did, however, get in touch with Bitty Foods and ordered some of its protein-packed cricket flour, and I’ll be baking muffins with it this weekend. Baby steps.


Would You Dare Stay The Night In Britain’s Most Haunted Prison?

Are you brave enough to spend the night in one of the scariest prisons in the world? Haunted Happenings have gained exclusive access to one of the most terrifying prisons in the UK, in order to search for the ghosts of the murderers and criminals that were given life sentences and died in the notorious buildings.

The prison in question is Somerset’s HMP Shepton Mallet, also known as Cornhill, which has been abandoned since it closed in 2013. Even though the last prisoners left almost five years ago, it’s still eerily creepy – and some say haunted. Before it closed, it was the oldest prison in the UK, having held some of the UK’s most dangerous criminals since as far back as the 18th century.

Credit: Haunted Happenings

And when we say ‘criminals’, we’re not just talking Dickensian pickpockets. HMP Shepton Mallet was a Category C Lifer Prison, incarcerating the most hardened and dangerous of criminals – including notorious East London gangsters the Kray twins in the 1960s.

But the brutal history goes back hundreds of years. In the 18th century, male and female prisoners rotted in HMP Shepton Mallet, and were put to work on a giant treadmill wheel where 40 people would tread the wheel at a time. If you went in there feeling healthy, you certainly wouldn’t come out that way.

Credit: Haunted Happenings

It’s said that the corpses of former prisoners lie in in unmarked graves across the prison. No one knows for sure how many executions took place at the prison, but it was turned into a military prison during WWII, and 18 American soldiers were executed by hanging and firing squads for crimes such as murder and rape.

That’s three centuries’ worth of ghosts – potentially, this place could be packed with ghouls.

So what happens on the ghost hunt? Well, the organisers promise it will be nothing short of ‘intense’ and you will ‘need to keep your wits about you’.

Credit: Haunted Happenings

In small teams, you’ll conduct all manner of experiments – think ouija boards, table tipping, glass moving and some intense watch-and-wait vigils, with up-to-date ghost hunting equipment. Personally I’m not sure what this ghost hunting equipment might be, but I have seen Ghostbusters so I’m familiar with the concept. Don’t cross the streams!

Even walking through the prison is creepy. Like any abandoned building, it’s dark and intimidating – the former convicts’ presence can still be felt, and even seen through the graffiti they have left.

The Ghost Hunt is so popular that it’s sold out until January – click here to book yourself in for the next one. It’d certainly make for a birthday (or stag do?) to remember and it’s pretty decently priced – only £59 ($80) per person.You’d better book quickly, though, as developers are going to turn the prison into flats. Supernatural neighbours, anyone?




Taking a vacation with a cruise ship full of zombies sounds like the premise of a blockbuster Hollywood film, but it will be a reality now for those who get aboard the Norwegian Pearl in January of 2016.

In a partnership with Norwegian Cruise Line, festivals at sea marketer Sixthman and Walker Stalker Con, the normal cruise ship will be transformed into playground for fans of the hit television series and comic books, “The Walking Dead.”

11542077_1665206997042276_5913252571903229785_n (Small)

According to Sixthman, zombie-themed cruise will sail from Miami  to Nassau, Bahamas for three days of horror-filled fun, scheduled for Jan. 15-18, 2016 aboard the Norwegian Pearl.

Passengers will interact with actors from “The Walking Dead,” attend question and answer panels, have photo opportunities and autograph sessions, zombie gaming, costume contests, theme nights and more to be announced.

I’d say this will make many fans very happy. Sounds like an awesome experience!

The Walking Dead Cast members on the cruise:


For more info on the cruise: Walker Stalker Cruise



Real-Life Vampire Couple Says Sucking Blood Is Better Than Sex

They’re bloody perfect for each other.

Two self-proclaimed vampires in Austin, Texas, say they’ve found true love thanks to a passionate relationship built on sucking each other’s blood.

Countess Lea and Count Tim Van Doorn (who we suspect aren’t really royal) met two years ago at a vampire festival and felt what Tim described to Barcroft TV as an instant “connection of darkness.”

That quickly turned into a romance that alternately really bites and really sucks ― in a good way, according to Lea, a 20-year-old fetish model.

“We are kind of like sharks once we get going. I feel this rush of life, their essence, and their energy is coming into me,” she told Barcroft TV. “It is a sexual experience and we often draw blood in the bedroom. Vampires are highly sexualized creatures and having sex literally gets the blood pumping.”

Although the couple each has matching acrylic fangs strong enough to draw blood, they prefer to use razor blades or syringes.

Tim, a 31-year-old tarot card reader, says the experience is as satisfying as sex.

“When I feed via blood it is it just as good as sex because as I feel this rush of life, their essence, their energy is coming into myself and I am taking it in and I feel empowered,” he told Barcroft TV. “I feel the person I’m feeding from on a whole different level and in a totally different way than I could with words.”

Lea added, “I actually prefer drinking blood to having sex. You are taking the essence of a person and that to me is ecstasy. There is no better feeling.”

These partners-in-plasma plan to get married in November 2018, and are raising Tim’s 3-year-old son from a previous marriage.

They say they will both be happy if he follows in their path, but don’t want to force it on him.

“We feel that it is something that the vampire has to discover for themselves,” Tim told Barcroft TV.

As extreme as the practice may seem, consuming small quantities of blood are likely harmless according to Live Science, as long as the “donor” is free of blood-borne diseases.

A 2015 study by D.J. Williams, director of social work at Idaho State University, suggests the global vampire population numbers in the thousands.

Though the “Twilight” movies and the “True Blood” series have helped make vampires trendy, Williams told Reuters that the majority of self-proclaimed vampires “believe they were born that way; they don’t choose this.”



‘Rude’ Waitress Keeps Insulting Family When They Order, Then They Post The Video On Facebook

In August 2015, a family from Idaho was visiting Chicago and decided to grab a bite to eat at a local retro-themed diner. But their waitress, Cherry, wasn’t so jazzed to be serving them.

As the family tried to place their order, Cherry proceeded to unleash a “verbal beatdown.” She kept firing out cutting quips like, “If you want good service, you go somewhere else.”

After the family posted the video to Facebook, it quickly went viral with over 4 million views. But it wasn’t long before the truth about this so-called “nasty” server came out.

You see, at Ed Debevic’s the staff is purposefully rude to its customers. In fact, it’s all part of the experience!

Cherry is actually a former actress whose real name is Kryssie Ridolfi, and she’s been working at the diner for over 10 years. She said the family was totally in on the joke, and enjoyed her extreme level of snark.

Since the video went viral, Kryssie a.k.a Cherry has gotten a ton of attention, and people have been flocking to Ed Debevic’s to take photos and get a dose of her attitude.

Please enjoy this truly unexpected restaurant moment, and SHARE it with your friends on Facebook!