An amateur rocket-maker finally launched himself off Earth. Now to prove it’s flat …

Mike Hughes, a California man who is most known for his belief that the Earth is shaped like a Frisbee, finally blasted off into the sky in a steam-powered rocket he had built himself.

The 61-year-old limo driver and daredevil-turned-rocket-maker soared about 1,875 feet above the Mojave Desert on Saturday afternoon, the Associated Press reported. Hughes’s white-and-green rocket, bearing the words “FLAT EARTH,” propelled vertically about 3 p.m. Pacific time and reached a speed of about 350 mph, Waldo Stakes, who has been helping Hughes, told the AP. Hughes deployed two parachutes while landing, the second one just moments before he plopped down not far from his launching point.

video shows that the whole endeavor, from the moment his rocket went up to the moment he landed, lasted about a minute.

Mike Hughes’s homemade rocket launches near Amboy, Calif., on Saturday. The self-taught rocket scientist, who believes Earth is flat, propelled himself about 1,875 feet into the air before a hard landing in the Mojave Desert. (Matt Hartman/AP)

The vertical launch, which happened without a countdown more than 200 miles east of Los Angeles, came amid growing skepticism that Hughes would ever lift himself off. The launch had been postponed multiple times, partly because Hughes said he couldn’t get permission from a federal agency to conduct it on public land.

After he landed Saturday, Hughes told the AP that he was “relieved” but that he expected to feel the physical toll of it all the next day.

“Am I glad I did it? Yeah. I guess. I’ll feel it in the morning. I won’t be able to get out of bed,” he said. “At least I can go home and have dinner and see my cats tonight.”

He also said he’d been frustrated with assumptions that he “chickened out,” so he “manned up and did it.”

Hughes had been on a mission to prove that the Earth is flat and that NASA astronauts such as John Glenn and Neil Armstrong were merely paid actors performing in front of a computer-generated image of a round globe. His previous failed attempts, as well as the successful one on Saturday, are all part of his ultimate goal to propel himself at least 52 miles above Earth by the end of the year — and to prove once and for all that the planet is flat.

On March 6, self-taught rocket scientist Mike Hughes began repairing a steam leak after scrubbing a launch attempt near Amboy, Calif. (James Quigg/Daily Press/AP)

Hughes had initially planned to launch his rocket in November, but he postponed it, claiming the Bureau of Land Management told him he couldn’t do so on federal land. A spokeswoman for the agency, however, said its field office has no record of speaking with Hughes.

The launch was postponed again later that month, as Hughes moved his launching point to a private property near Amboy, Calif., an unincorporated community in the Mojave Desert.

“It’s still happening. We’re just moving it three miles down the road,” Hughes told The Washington Post in late November, as he hauled the rocket to the new spot. “I don’t see [the launch] happening until about Tuesday, honestly. It takes three days to set up. . . . You know, it’s not easy because it’s not supposed to be easy.”

In February, Hughes finally attempted his flight, but his rocket didn’t ignite. He blamed technical difficulties.

The Sharp family of Creston, Iowa, was found dead inside a condominium while vacationing in Tulum, Mexico. Authorities said March 23 no foul play was suspected.

To Hughes’s credit, he has shown some skills in building rockets. He set a Guinness World Record in 2002 for a limousine jump, according to Ars Technica, and has been building rockets for years, albeit with mixed results. He built his first manned rocket in 2014, the AP reported, and managed to fly a quarter-mile over Winkelman, Ariz.

According to the AP, Hughes’s hard landing on Saturday left him injured, though it is unclear what type of injuries he suffered. Photos show paramedics carrying Hughes on a stretcher and into an ambulance.

Also among Hughes’s plans — aside from trying to get to space — is to run for governor.

“This is no joke,” he told the AP. “I want to do it.”

Mike Hughes is carried on a stretcher after his rocket landed in the Mojave Desert on Saturday. (Matt Hartman/AP)

15 Celebrities That Prove Time Travel Exists

ou may not believe in time travel, but these pictures may convince you otherwise. A lot of celebrities have doppelgangers in the past, and who’s to say they’re not really the same person? 12 really made me think!

Nothing could explain these 15 pictures besides time travel:

1. Chuck Norris and Vincent van Gogh

2. Johnny Depp and the great grandfather of a Reddit user.

3. Justin Timberlake and an unknown man from the past

4. Kathy Bates and the 27th President of the United States, William Taft

5. Bruce Willis and WW2 general Douglas MacArthur

6. Sylvester Stallone and Pope Gregory IX


7. Liam Neeson and Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro

8. Jennifer Lawrence and famous Egyptian actress Zubaida Tharwat

9. Keanu Reeves and French actor Paul Mounet

10. Alec Baldwin and the 13th President of the United States, Millard Fillmore

11. Nicolas Cage and a man from Tennessee who fought in the Civil War

12. Peter Dinklage and don Sebastián de Morra

13. Orlando Bloom and painter Nicolae Grigorescu

14. Hugh Grant and famous Irish writer Oscar Wilde

15. Jack Gleeson and the Roman emperor Caligula

That’s No Moon — It’s an Alien Observatory Created to Keep an Eye on Us!

  1. Sure, claiming the Moon is artificial might sound crazy, but why does it ring like a bell when struck?

Previous expeditions to the Moon have brought back considerable amount of information, but our planet’s natural satellite still remains mostly a mystery for researchers.

The first man ever invested by NASA to head the Commission of Lunar Exploration, Dr. Jastrow, referred to the Moon as “the Rosetta stone of the planets.”

Many UFOlogists are convinced that the Moon, who everybody believes to be a natural satellite, was in fact built by a more advanced civilization as a study base where they could document the behavior of our species.

Others believe the aliens aren’t that interested in our society as they don’t understand intra-racial violence, so the Moon serves as a simple watchtower that would let them know if mankind would ever try to leave Earth and travel through space.

Moderate theorists say its body is covered by a rocky layer, which could measure more than 3 miles from the surface, sitting on top of a shell, made out of extremely durable chemical components, that could even withstand a large scale impact like with an asteroid or a comet without sustaining much damage.

A NASA researcher named Robin Brett once stated that:

“It seems easier to explain the non existence of the Moon than its existence.”

Here are some strange facts that make us believe the Moon was actually built from scratch.

In 1969, the United States built a module for the sole purpose of crashing it into the Moon in order to study the after effects. The estimated power it packed upon impact was said to be that of one thousand Kilograms of TNT.

After the controlled crash, experts observed the waves generated by the shock and were amazed. The Moon made a sound resembling that of a gigantic bell, and the echo went on for more than half an hour.

Ken Johnson, the man supervising photo and information stated that the Moon also vibrated or “wobbled” in a symmetric manner, “ almost as though it had gigantic hydraulic damper struts inside it”.

Alexander Shcherbakov and Mikhail Vasin published an article sometime in the 70s, named “Is the Moon the creation of Alien Intelligence?”

In the article, they ask some very legitimate questions and expose known facts that defy any logical explanation.
The surface of the Moon, the only part that could be studied, contains minerals and is mostly made up of uncommonly hard matter.

Samples retrieved from the Moon have also been found to hold forged metal material, which couldn’t have formed there or arrive by itself.

Scientists found parts of highly processed Uranium that science has never been able to achieve via natural processes.
They have also found traces of radioactive metals normally used to produce Plutonium on a large scale. This is all clear evidence that the Moon is not as inactive as we’re being led to believe.

It is common knowledge that our moon doesn’t have a hard nucleus as other planets or natural satellites do and the mass is concentrated in a number of points, most of which are located at a very low depth.

Another well known fact is that the Moon is older than 4 and a half billion years, which makes it older than our planet by almost a million years. It is different from any other satellite known across the universe.

Unlike any other natural satellite, the moon describes a perfect round orbit around the planet it’s circling. No matter which point you look from, one side of the moon will always be invisible.

Titanium, a very rare and expensive metal on Earth, used for the development of advanced technology (space shuttles or submarines), is found in large and concentrated quantities inside rocks on the moon. Harold Urey, a Nobel prize winning chemist, is still very confused by this fact.

Strange facts as the ones you’ve just read keep piling up every day, while modern science keeps failing to explain them.

Not only is the amount of information about the moon very scarce, but the percentage of people with access to it is being kept under control.


A mysterious eye appeared in the sky over Chelyabinsk, causing widespread panic and hushed talk about the Illuminati and Project Blue Beam.

Early Thursday morning and the residents of the city of Chelyabinsk were awaken to a mysterious sight: the eerie outline of a human eye. Officials were unable to provide a plausible explanation so the spooked citizens were forced to pass around their own interpretations.

Level-headed voices assumed the apparition was some sort of strange, albeit natural atmospheric phenomenon caused by pulsating light and an oddly-shaped cloud.

However, the Russian people would have none of it. A large number of locals believe the sight was a sign of providence, a divine eye symbolic for God’s all-seeing capabilities.

On the other hand, the same symbol has been long used by the Freemasons and the Illuminati and is also featured on the $1 bill.


Is this a sign that the sky knows about Trump and Putin’s secret dealings?

A considerable fraction of the internet sees this mysterious eye as a product of Project Blue Beam, the infamous plan to dupe, divide and conquer the world by instilling a fake Apocalypse and second coming.

Opinions are divided so see for yourself:



While watching the evening news, one couldn’t imagine such a video being played. However, it seems that a news anchor from Fox News, named Shannon Bream appeared to mutate live on television. She is 46 years old and appears to be an attractive woman normally. While watching her broadcast on this particular news report, her eyes were seen changing unusually.

Her eyes clearly open and then what is seen afterward, makes no sense. Many have made mention that this is some kind of graphic glitch happening. Human beings don’t have eyes such as this. Shannon’s eyelashes seem to stay down, yet her eyes remain open for a mere moment.

Is this nothing more than some kind of digital interference? Her contact lenses may have become displaced, due to how the lighting hit her eyes creating a really weird look. This is certainly a possibility but others think this is something else entirely.

Shannon isn’t the first new anchor, celebrity or government employee to transform such as this. Many others have been seen glitching out in front of the camera also. Reports of these celebrities changing right in front of them, has been mentioned as well.

One theory is, that these are not in fact humans but alien reptilians in disguise. Using some sort of cloaking device, they appear to us with a holographic covering over them. Sometimes these malfunction for whatever reason.

When this happens, they are then exposed for what they really are. These reptilians have been placed into positions of power, to influence the masses. It is through their celebrity status and/or wealth that they are able to steer the world into a different direction.

There are theories about only a small group of individuals or perhaps something else entirely who wish to control people. Only those who live in remote locations or away from the masses – are able to escape the mainstream influence of the modern day world. Where these reptilians came from is unclear and is debated about.

Some believe, that they are living underground and come to the surface during certain times. Perhaps this is done to influence key moments happening in society. Quite often, UFOs are reported about, these may well be superior technologies being used by the reptilians underground. Many movies and television shows, have captured some version or interpretation of this.

Whoever first uploaded Shannon shape-shifting is unknown. However, it was a good catch. This is just another example of the veil slowly being lifted to the vast majority of people. While all of this may well seem like nonsense to many people, it is unwise to quickly dismiss the possibility – despite the fact, that a number of videos continue to reveal shape-shifting glitches made on camera. People will deal with things in different ways, sometimes out of fear they will simply laugh things off.

One person commented:

“That looks pretty damn scary. I would think it was a glitch if I just saw the isolated image, but throughout the whole thing, the picture is constantly crystal clear. And it doesn’t look pix elated like a glitch should look.. unless it’s a CGI hoax, IDK what to make of it..”

Alien Planet That ‘Will Destroy Earth’ Hidden By Military ‘Black Ops Mission’

We’ve seen some pretty bat shit crazy conspiracy theories in our time, but this is probably the pick of the bunch.

Apparently a top secret mission is currently underway to hide a massive alien planet, which is on a collision course for Earth, according to The Daily Star.

The mission, which has been dubbed Operation Indigo Skyfold, is allegedly the covering up evidence of any threat whatsoever to our beloved planet.

It all centres around the planet known as Nibiru, or Planet X, which many conspiracists believe is definitely a thing. Though actual astrologists and scientists with the knowledge and facts at their disposal are yet to confirm it.

In fact, NASA debunked the Nibiru myth on its Beyond 2012 page, saying:

Nibiru and other stories about wayward planets are an Internet hoax. There is no factual basis for these claims. If Nibiru or Planet X were real and headed for an encounter with the Earth, astronomers would have been tracking it for at least the past decade, and it would be visible by now to the naked eye.

But hey, who am I to say that this is only proof that this cover up just runs seriously deep?

So-called ‘truth-seekers’ think they’ve finally cracked how Planet X, which is apparently 10 times bigger than the earth, could be hidden from the public.

They say that Operation Indigo Skyfold involves the use of military aircraft to create chemtrails in the sky which block out the visibility of Nibiru. Riiight.

As soon as you throw chemtrails into the mix you know you’ve got some real internet nutters on your hands.

Just in case you don’t know what chemtrails are, they’re essentially white lines of condensation left behind by high-flying aircraft- but conspiracists believe they are in fact toxic chemicals and biological agents.

A rather high-profile ‘conspiracist research scientist’ claims that these are linked to Nibiru.

David Meade, who wrote a book on the Planet X conspiracy, believes the trails are being used to conceal the hidden planet.

He said:

What happened is that they immediately ‘compartmentalised’ the operation on a need-to-know basis, restricting total knowledge to only a few people. Nothing was produced in writing, of course. This is the mother of all black operations. Its purpose – weather modification and warfare – and the cover-up of the second sun, Planet X.

Meade went on to explain that they spray the aerosol two times a day, at sunrise and sunset when Planet X can be observed, with their operations being concentrated in highly-populated areas.

The pilots who drop these potentially deadly chemicals are completely unaware and told that it’s a ‘greenhouse gas/global warming mitigation strategy’. Of course they are.

With unsubstantiated claims like this, I think we can all sleep soundly knowing that the Earth won’t be destroyed tomorrow- well at least not by Nibiru anyway.



Freaky Illusion Gives the Impression of a Floating City in the Clouds

This extraordinary image of an apparent floating city has created a stir among conspiracy theorists, but a well-known optical illusion is the likely explanation for the phenomenon.

As reported in the Independent, the bizarre cloud formation appears to show a cityscape high above the city of Foshan in China’s Guangdong province. Footage of the phenomenon appeared on Chinese TV last week and was apparently witnessed by hundreds of astonished onlookers. The sight lasted for only a few minutes before disappearing. A few days later, a similar cloud city was seen in the province of Jiangxi, China. 

Scientific observers are arguing a case of fata morgana, or a mirage. The phenomenon occurs at the location of a thermal inversion, or when warm air is found on top of cold air. Light rays become bent when passing through varying temperatures in this patch of air, causing the illusion. Mirages have been spotted on horizons for centuries, yet the footage provided does not quite fit the bill, seeing as it is seen much higher in the sky than typical optical illusions.

Finally, one plausible explanation is that the whole thing is a hoax. Given that there is only one video record of the event, even though it is reported that hundreds or thousands of people witnessed the event, this seems very likely. What do you think this floating city could be?

Update: A reader sent me a link with more images. Not sure about the authenticity of these photos, but they’re pretty wild if genuine:

H/t Independent!

Via Gizmodo

Rothschild: Donald Trump is Threatening to Destroy the New World Order

The Rothschilds have used their globalist media mouthpiece to declare that Donald Trump is threatening to destroy the New World Order, for good.

Globalism propaganda tool and Rothschild family-owned publication, The Economist, has branded the US President a “present danger” to the “New World Order,” and stated that the “internationalists” that formed it are “spinning in their graves.”

The Economist names Trump is the biggest threat to the “liberal” New World Order above other legitimate threats such as jihadism and terrorism, Communist Chinese expansion, and North Korean hostility.”Perhaps the greatest danger at present is the incumbency of an American president who despises international norms, who disparages free trade and who continually flirts with abandoning America’s essential role in maintaining the global legal order,” writes The Economist.

Infowars reports: The globalist outlet refers to a book titled “The Internationalists,” to explain the origins of the “liberal international order” as a move to “make the waging of aggressive war illegal,” which is why it must be “defended like never before.”

“The rules-based international order that emerged from the wreckage of the second world war was a huge improvement on any preceding era,” states the article.

“Yet liberal internationalism is now under attack from many sides. Donald Trump’s America First doctrine explicitly repudiates it.”

The Economist describes how the Trump administration views the world stage, citing a piece written by two of Trump’s advisors in a Wall Street Journal op-ed.

The Rothschild-owned Economist says Trump is the biggest threat to the New World Order

“The world is not a ‘global community’ but an arena where nations, non-governmental actors, and businesses engage and compete for advantage,” H.R. McMaster and Gary Cohn wrote.

“We bring to this forum unmatched military, political, economic, cultural and moral strength. Rather than deny this elemental nature of international affairs, we embrace it.”

The Economist then makes the strange assertion that, despite being directly responsible for numerous wars and destabilizing coup attempts around the world, the New World Order is “better than any of the alternatives.”

“Of course there are still plenty of wars,” it states.

“In some ways, the New World Order, which has helped make international wars so much less imaginable, has inadvertently made possible more ‘intranational’ wars.”

“Fragile and fractious countries that would previously have feared being conquered by more powerful neighbors can now fall prey to civil wars or brutal insurgencies without bad actors fearing loss of the national territory they seek to control.

“Non-state groups, such as Islamic State (a misnomer), can take and hold, at least for a while, territory from dysfunctional governments.

“Well-meaning but ill-conceived wars to change odious regimes have sometimes gone badly wrong.”

The magazine concludes by saying that the NWO architects of the past “must be spinning in their graves” considering how far Trump has already come and that he must be removed from office to preserve the New World Order.




From a man claiming to be from the future to people making the claim that they have time traveled into the past, this video takes a look at the top 5 people claiming to be real life time travelers. Are any of these stories true?

Could time travel soon exist in the near future? Are any of these videos of supposed time travelers proof of time travel?

Be sure to leave your thoughts on these alleged time travelers in the comments below!

Google AI invents its own cryptographic algorithm; no one knows how it works

Neural networks seem good at devising crypto methods; less good at codebreaking.

Google Brain has created two artificial intelligences that evolved their own cryptographic algorithm to protect their messages from a third AI, which was trying to evolve its own method to crack the AI-generated crypto. The study was a success: the first two AIs learnt how to communicate securely from scratch.

The setup of the crypto system. P = input plaintext, K = shared key, C = encrypted text, and PEve and PBob are the computed plaintext outputs.

The Google Brain team (which is based out in Mountain View and is separate from Deep Mind in London) started with three fairly vanilla neural networks called Alice, Bob, and Eve. Each neural network was given a very specific goal: Alice had to send a secure message to Bob; Bob had to try and decrypt the message; and Eve had to try and eavesdrop on the message and try to decrypt it. Alice and Bob have one advantage over Eve: they start with a shared secret key (i.e. this is symmetric encryption).

Importantly, the AIs were not told how to encrypt stuff, or what crypto techniques to use: they were just given a loss function (a failure condition), and then they got on with it. In Eve’s case, the loss function was very simple: the distance, measured in correct and incorrect bits, between Alice’s original input plaintext and its guess. For Alice and Bob the loss function was a bit more complex: if Bob’s guess (again measured in bits) was too far from the original input plaintext, it was a loss; for Alice, if Eve’s guesses are better than random guessing, it’s a loss. And thus an adversarial generative network (GAN) was created.

Alice, Bob, and Eve all shared the same “mix and transform” neural network architecture, but they were initialised independently and had no connection other than Alice and Bob’s shared key. For Alice the key and plaintext are input into the first layer of the neural network; for Bob the key and the ciphertext were input; and for Eve, she got just the ciphertext. The first layer is fully-connected, so the text and key can mix about. Following the first layer there are a number of convolutional layers, which learn to apply a function to the bits that were handed to it by the previous layer. They don’t know what that function might be; they just learn as they go along. For Alice, the final layer spits out some ciphertext; Bob and Eve output what they hope is the plaintext.

Bob and Eve’s reconstruction errors during training. You can see that Eve starts to improve, but then a change in the Alice-Bob crypto method shuts her out again.

The results were… a mixed bag. Some runs were a complete flop, with Bob never able to reconstruct Alice’s messages. Most of the time, Alice and Bob did manage to evolve a system where they could communicate with very few errors. In some tests, Eve showed an improvement over random guessing, but Alice and Bob then usually responded by improving their cryptography technique until Eve had no chance (see graph).

The researchers didn’t perform an exhaustive analysis of the encryption methods devised by Alice and Bob, but for one specific training run they observed that it was both key- and plaintext-dependent. “However, it is not simply XOR. In particular, the output values are often floating-point values other than 0 and 1,” they said.

In conclusion, the researchers—Martín Abadi and David G. Andersen—said that neural networks can indeed learn to protect their communications, just by telling Alice to value secrecy above all else—and importantly, that secrecy can be obtained without prescribing a certain set of cryptographic algorithms.

There is more to cryptography than just symmetric encryption of data, though, and the researchers said that future work might look at steganography (concealing data within other media) and asymmetric (public-key) encryption. On whether Eve might ever become a decent adversary, the researchers said: “While it seems improbable that neural networks would become great at cryptanalysis, they may be quite effective in making sense of metadata and in traffic analysis.”