15 Celebrities That Prove Time Travel Exists

ou may not believe in time travel, but these pictures may convince you otherwise. A lot of celebrities have doppelgangers in the past, and who’s to say they’re not really the same person? 12 really made me think!

Nothing could explain these 15 pictures besides time travel:

1. Chuck Norris and Vincent van Gogh

2. Johnny Depp and the great grandfather of a Reddit user.

3. Justin Timberlake and an unknown man from the past

4. Kathy Bates and the 27th President of the United States, William Taft

5. Bruce Willis and WW2 general Douglas MacArthur

6. Sylvester Stallone and Pope Gregory IX


7. Liam Neeson and Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro

8. Jennifer Lawrence and famous Egyptian actress Zubaida Tharwat

9. Keanu Reeves and French actor Paul Mounet

10. Alec Baldwin and the 13th President of the United States, Millard Fillmore

11. Nicolas Cage and a man from Tennessee who fought in the Civil War

12. Peter Dinklage and don Sebastián de Morra

13. Orlando Bloom and painter Nicolae Grigorescu

14. Hugh Grant and famous Irish writer Oscar Wilde

15. Jack Gleeson and the Roman emperor Caligula

Partying with Sumo Wrestlers Almost Killed Me

Now I’ve done a lot of stupid shit in my life. But squaring off with world champion Sumo wrestlers in the parking lot of a Russian hotel is among the stupidest.

I’m lying facedown in a hotel bathroom in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The cheap vinyl of the bathroom sticks to my forehead, and every part of my body aches worse than it has ever ached before. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see a puddle of my own piss, cartoon yellow, slowly creeping toward my chin. I try to get up, but my legs give out from under me. I fall into the bathtub and throw up. An attempt to shower is cut short when I discover that water on my skin feels like needles being stuck underneath my fingernails. Today I am going to stink, and that’s fine. I pick the cleanest dirty shirt from my luggage, and then start to venture toward the hotel lobby, hoping to find some hair of the dog or—at the very least—some carbohydrates to soak up the shame. I leave my room, and the fluorescent light of the hallway hits my eyes. My headache instantly intensifies, an arrhythmic drum solo on the inside of my skull. The pain is so bad that when I first see the body I don’t know if it’s real or not. 

Spread out on the hallway floor is the largest human being I have ever seen in real life. The man is easily 400 pounds. He’s lying on his back, with his limbs askew and his oversize belly sneaking out of his shirt. The man is unconscious and letting out these little half breaths between thunderous snores. I’m about to check on humongous—maybe poke his gut to make sure he’s not a hallucination—when toward the elevator I see another body even bigger than my buddy at my feet. This man is flailing in an awkward sleep. He rolls to his side to reveal two (slightly) smaller dudes draped out beside him, like a super-size variation on the Russian doll. Head pounding, I piece together what’s going on.

The four men on the floor are Sumo wrestlers. The day before was the last day of a Sumo competition at the World Combat Games. At the afterparty, many of the Sumos drank heroic amounts of liquor. The guys in front of me must have passed out trying to get to their rooms. No one was strong enough to move their dead weight.

Somebody in the hallway lets out a fart. While trying to escape the smell, I start to remember the night before. I attempted to out-drink men literally twice my size, I ate more food than I thought I was physically capable of, and I attacked parked cars like a postmodern Don Quixote. When I get to the end of the hall, my headache intensifies—again—and I spew. I had partied with Sumo wrestlers, and it almost killed me. 

My adventure with Sumo wrestlers actually started as a trip for work. I had been hired through a cable company I worked for to commentate the World Combat Games. It was one of my first paid gigs as a martial arts analyst, and I was determined to prove my worth. For the months leading up to the event, my life was consumed with studying the beauty of competitive conflict. I spent hours learning the proper pronunciation of athletes’ names. There were days glued to the computer watching hundreds of technique videos. I read books debating the arcane origins of belt wrestling, tried out high-kick strategies in my living room, and bored my wife half to death geeking out on jiu jitsu statistics. Still, there was nothing that could have prepared me for the sheer spectacle of Sumo.

On a conceptual level, I knew that Sumo wrestlers were big. But until you’ve seen a Rikishi (professional sumo wrestlers) in person, you have no idea just how gigantic, and how strong, these athletes actually are. Underneath the layers of fat, each competitor has built his body for power and speed. When a match begins, Sumos burst forth like bullets from a gun. Their intense grappling would be enough to crush a normal human, but the behemoths go at one another with precision and strategy in the most violent of dances. The aura of the Sumo matches was electric. The arena was buzzing with excitement, shifting from anticipatory silence to deafening cheers as the competition got underway. The Sumos were treated like rock stars, and no one was a bigger star than Byamba.

Byamba was a two-time world Sumo champion. He was featured in Ocean’s 13.He appeared on America’s Got Talent. VICE profiled him in the documentary10,000 Calories a Day. In fact, if you’ve seen a Sumo on television in the past decade, it was probably Byamba. That day, the champion was dominant in his performance. His bouts were over in seconds, opponents thrown from the ring with ease. Watching while doing commentary, I sounded like a little kid, giddy with excitement, witnessing this master perform his aggressive art. By the time he was awarded his medal, all the people in attendance were on their feet. That evening the afterparty was held at our hotel. My plan was simple: I was going to shake Byamba’s hand, congratulate him on a job well done, and leave the man alone for a well-deserved celebration. Byamba had other plans.

I should preface what I’m about to tell you by saying I was very, very, drunk that night. Possibly more messed up than I have ever been before, which is a lot considering I spent over a decade playing in a glam rock band and once got high with Nikki Sixx for three days. While I’m not sure the facts would hold up in a court of law, and things have grown or shrunk depending on when I’m recounting the event, I know in my heart that the general tone of what I’m about to say is true. We’ll call it drunken nonfiction, the blockbuster movie version of what went down.

When I got to the bar, Byamba was holding a link of sausages in one hand. In the other was a bottle of Russian Standard vodka. I approached the champ. The big man pointed in my direction. Another Sumo grabbed a “reserved” sign off the table (Russian reserved signs are shaped like dunce caps) and tore off the top to create a makeshift funnel. The next thing I know the funnel is in my mouth. Byamba laughs and pours a half liter of vodka directly down my throat. It was the beginning of the festivities, and I was already a wreck. 

After that, as a group, we stumble into another part of the bar. Laid out before me is an enormous spread: pork knuckle, sauerkraut, hot pot soup, mountains of sausages, and bread. Byamba piled up his plate, and then motioned for me to do the same. Everyone took a seat. At the head of the table—on the night he won a medal—Byamba took the time to put over everyone else in the room. The champ was humble and funny. Instantly lovable. His message was that with the right team and the right training, we could all achieved greatness. When I asked the big guy to elaborate on that idea, he insisted I drink more vodka and finish my food. I mowed down a dozen sausages and had at least another half liter of drink. I ate sauerkraut until my pores were leaking vinegar. With the sheer volume of consumption, I started to believe that I could be a Sumo wrestler, too. We decided to test that theory in the parking lot.

Now, I’ve done a lot of stupid shit in my life. But I can safely say that squaring off to compete Sumo in the parking lot of a Russian hotel is among the stupidest. Byamba officiated the event. He explained that the man I’d be competing against was a mere 250 pounds. Two-fifty. That’s—what—100 pounds heavier than I am? I got this. What Byamba didn’t tell me was that my competition also happened to be the middleweight Sumo Champion of the world. Fueled by adrenaline and alcohol I squared off against my opponent, onlookers on every side. We put our hands on the ground to signify the beginning of the match, Byamba yelled something, and then I sprinted forward as fast as I could. Hitting the Sumo’s body was like hitting a boulder. I pushed. I grappled. I tried to sweep a leg. Nothing I did had any effect. After maybe 15 seconds of competing, the middleweight Sumo champion threw me to the ground with a jovial laugh. I hit the concrete hard and felt a sharp crack against my rib. To numb the pain, someone handed me more vodka.

Bayamba told me that for a first-timer, I had done pretty well. He asked if I wanted to see what Sumos could really do. Worried that I was signing myself up for another round, I shook my head, but by that point, no one was paying attention. The Sumos had slammed their drinks and were proceeding to push around the cars in the parking lot like a standard person pushes a shopping cart. I tried to take on a midsize sedan, but my ribs hurt too much. To compensate, I looked for more booze, but I was out. We were all out. Which is why the Sumos decided to ransack a nearby restaurant. 

At the best of times, 30 people showing up to a restaurant unannounced is chaos. But when you take into account that the majority of the 30 people showing up to this restaurant were actual Sumo wrestlers, it turns into complete pandemonium. Food appeared out of nowhere and was consumed just as fast. We all started an impromptu grappling competition and fell into tables. When drinks couldn’t come fast enough, one of the Sumos walked behind the bar, picked up a keg, and walked out the front door. The last thing I remember before I blacked out was Byamba taking photos with the staff.


My hangover from that night lasted for about two weeks, it followed me all the way from Russia back to Canada, and if I cough too hard, my ribs still hurt. To this day the smell of Russian Standard simultaneously makes me want to smile and throw up. While the memory of the evening is burned into the back of my skull, all evidence of the event was lost, along with my cellphone, somewhere on a Saint Petersburg side street. But what I can tell you with certainty is this: After that night whenever I hear someone use the term “party like a rock star,” I laugh in their face. Partying like a rock star is nothing. Partying like a Sumo wrestler is more than you could ever imagine. 


Source www.vice.com

Guy Makes Shock Discovery About Woman Who’s Had 50 Surgeries To Look Like Angelina Jolie

A Reddit user has made a shocking discovery about an Iranian teenager who claims to have undergone around 50 different surgeries in an attempt to look like Angelina Jolie.

19-year-old Sahar Tabar, from Tehran, went viral earlier today as the internet were shocked by her new look.

Sahar regularly uploads selfies and photos to her popular Instagram account which currently has 341,000 followers.

Admitting that she would do anything to look just like her idol, 42-year-old Hollywood actress Jolie, Sahar has apparently undergone an extreme transformation undergoing 50 different surgeries in the space of only a few months.

The exact nature of her surgeries are unconfirmed.

According to Belgian website Sud Info, Sahar also went on an extreme diet to maintain her 40kg weight which would classify her as being dangerously underweight in medical terms in the UK.

From her Instagram pictures, you can see that the superfan wears special contact lenses that are an electric blue in an attempt to achieve Jolie’s blue eyes.


Sahar has also dyed her hair numerous times changing colour from purple, to blonde and now black.

However, not everyone on the internet is a fan of her transformation often commenting negatively calling Sahar ‘a zombie’ and ‘a corpse’.

One person wrote:

Her: Doc make me look like an 8 month old corpse.

Doc: Say no more.

It turns out though that the shocking pictures are likely to be faked, as revealed by Reddit user known as Zaza9000.

Posting on the popular site, the user wrote:

I do believe she got plastic surgery, but it’s more or less makeup and extremely exaggerating her features that she got done.

I’ve yet to figure out why other than just internet attention and fame. I kinda took it for face value, something you should never do and I ran with it.

They also shared a photo Sahar shared pointing to strange distortions and blurs that indicate that the picture has indeed been Photoshopped.

These indicators of doctoring – of the other sense – can be seen on pretty much every extreme photo Sahar shares, meaning we have probably been fooled.

Also if you look at a short video the teenager shared three days ago, she looks perfectly healthy and nothing like she does in the photos she normally shares.

Fake or not the photos are receiving a lot of attention online and so if it was internet fame Sahar was after, well, she got it.

Regularly posting selfies undeterred by the negative comments she receives, many of Sahar’s photos receive over 10,000 likes.

It is clear that people across the world enjoy what Sahar posts Photoshopped or not, so you keep on doing what you are doing girl as it is clearly working for you.


Source www.unilad.co.uk

Groundbreaking Philosopher Jim Carrey Calls Fashion Industry ‘Meaningless’

There’s nothing quite like an obviously prefabricated celebrity meltdown.

Over the weekend, onetime ubiquitous comedic actor and current “eccentric” millionaire with too much time on his hands Jim Carrey stopped by a Harper’s Bazaar party amid New York Fashion Week. According to THR, it was there that Carrey declared his ambivalence and contempt for New York Fashion Week and everything it stands for.

“I wanted to find the most meaningless thing I could come to and join, and here I am,” he beamed to E! reporter Catt Sadler, who handles Carrey’s smug douchery with the stoicism of a seasoned war correspondent.

Okay, I realize that when your ex-girlfriend commits suicide and her family blames you to the extent that they literally take you to court, that messes with your head. So maybe Carrey isn’t thinking clearly.

Nevertheless, he’s acting like a complete dickhead here, and I’m not buying this freakout. My gripe isn’t so much with acknowledging the vapidity and narcissism of the fashion industry. Of course the fashion industry is very vapid, and very narcissistic. In other news, water is wet, kittens are adorable, and dirt makes a poor substitute for food.

Carrey pointed out the obvious, possibly thinking the rest of us would mistake the obvious for profundity, then doubled down with some freshman year mushroom trip metaphysics. Oh jeez, are we really all just “a field of energy dancing for itself”? Enlighten us further, Professor Bong Hit.

If Shitty Riddler wants to know how to pull of a proper phony celebrity meltdown, he should call up Joaquin Phoenix and ask for pointers. When Phoenix decided to not really freak out in the late ’00s, he came out the other end with a highly underrated mockumentary I’m Still Here. Plus, he did such an amazing job pretending to ruin his career, that Casey Affleck allegedly tried to legit ruin his own career by (again, allegedly) getting crazy weird and sexually harassing the bejesus out of every woman on the I’m Still Here set. (Allegedly!).

Eh, on that note, maybe Ace Ventura should look to Phoenix as an example of what not to do.

via The Hollywood Reporter


Most Ridiculous Album Covers Of The Century

We all know how important first impressions are, as they are what essentially form our initial opinions and judgments. Call it superficial or whatever you’d like, but that’s just the way the world works. So, let’s take the art of music, for example. There’s so much more to a melodic masterpiece than just a pleasant tune and a catchy beat. Musicians that aspire to be legendary, must also perplex the art of engaging the public eye. To do so, they must brand their music with extra unique and compelling album covers (ugly or not), so that their music may never be forgotten.

On that note, Popular Everything has prepared a corky assemblage of the ugliest and most ridiculous album covers ever published, which are a captivating blend of both distasteful and amusing. Enjoy!









That Time Die Antwoord’s Ninja Balled with Kanye and Drake

Die Antwoord’s Ninja tells us about the time he and Kanye West took on Drake in a friendly game of basketball.

Apparently, Ye had invited the South African rapper over to chill by the pool, but when he noticed Ninja had on a pair of basketball kicks, the duo decided to check out Drake’s court next door. As it turned out, the hip-hop star was ready to ball, decked out in new Jordans and a sweatband, and backed by a stacked team of Canadians.

Source www.vice.com

Where Your Favorite Celebrities Worked Before They Were Famous

Though we all have our own favorite celebrities, it’s hard to picture them as anything but successful. They are people we look up to and many of them live pretty glamorous lives. All of this makes it hard to imagine that they are actually just normal people like you and me, many of whom have modest beginnings. Just in case you were curious, here’s a rundown of some unusual celebrity backgrounds you might not have known about.

1. Johnny Depp

Though Johnny Depp is known now for creating distinguished and unique characters on the big screen, his day-to-day life was not always what it is now. In fact, before he was a successful actor in films like Edward Scissorhands and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, he actually made a living by selling people pens over the phone.

2. Brad Pitt

Before he was a heartthrob and a blockbuster star, Pitt used to dance around in a chicken suit for a for a fast food restaurant. We can only imagine how hot the inside of that costume used to be! Suddenly hair and makeup doesn’t sound so bad.

Image result for madonna

3. Madonna

Though Madonna eventually revolutionized pop music in the 1980s, before that she had humble beginnings working at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Times Square. Still, everybody has to start somewhere.


4. Harrison Ford

As one of the more famous Hollywood origin stories, Harrison Ford was working as a carpenter in George Lucas’s home when he was discovered by the famous director and cast in the iconic role of Han Solo.


5. Sandra Bullock

Though she’s now an Oscar-winning actress, Sandra Bullock originally started her career as so many up and coming actresses do. Throughout the 80s, she made her living as a waitress.

6. Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes is likely considered one of the most beautiful women at the world, all of which is pretty interesting when you consider her first job. Like some of us out there, Mendes worked at the mall—more specifically at a hot dog stand.


7. Angelina Jolie

As Angelina Jolie has been known in the past for her morbid sense of humor, maybe it’s not so surprising that she was once on track to become a funeral director.


8. Stacey Dash

Before her days as an actress and a stint as a commentator on Fox News, Stacey Dash has very relatable beginnings folding clothes at a mall.

9. Jennifer Aniston

Although Friends went on to become one of the most successful sitcoms of all time, Jennifer Aniston’s career started making calls to strangers as a telemarketer.


10. Tim Allen

Although Tim Allen is mostly known for his iconic and family friendly show Home Improvement, his beginnings were much seedier as he used to be a cocaine dealer in the 1970s—he even ended up serving time for his crimes before getting work as an actor.


11. Cindy Crawford

When most people think Cindy Crawford, they think of the world famous supermodel. What most people don’t know is that Crawford used to live in Illinois and once shucked corn for money.

Image result

12. Mariah Carey

In addition to her incredible vocal range, Mariah Carey has a reputation of being a diva of highest order. With that in mind, it’s not entirely surprising that she was once on track to finishing beauty school before she became a pop star.


13. Ashton Kutcher

While Ashton Kutcher’s reputation has been built on broad comedies like That 70s Show and Punk’d, he’s actually quite a brainiac—in school, he was originally studying engineering before deciding to go the acting route.


14. Tom Cruise

Of all American movie stars, few are as recognizable or iconic as Tom Cruise. What’s more surprising in light of his highly-publicized involvement with Scientology is that he was originally attending a seminary in the hopes of becoming a priest.

15. Andrew Garfield

Though you may recognize the young British star Andrew Garfield as the star of the new Spiderman movies, he originally started in a much more modest and commonplace job as a barista at Starbucks.


16. George Clooney

Another of America’s most recognizable stars, George Clooney has always been reaching for lofty dreams. Although he eventually succeeded in becoming a movie star, he initially wanted to be a baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds in 1977s. Fortunately for Hollywood, he didn’t make the cut.

Image result for rachel mcadams short hair

17. Rachel McAdams

Finally, before she was America’s newest sweetheart, Rachel McAdams did her time as a cashier at McDonald’s. Still, she’s gone on to star in many movies that have won our hearts such as Mean Girls or Wedding Crashers. It just goes to show that there’s hope for all of us yet!

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Cambodian Actress Banned From Making Movies for a Year for Being ‘Too Sexy’

Denny Kwan said she was schooled by the ministry “like a daughter” when it determined that she had violated a code of conduct.

She told Cambodia Daily that there are many artists who do more than she does, such as those who are kissing and “being erotic.”

The 24-year-old actress, who has more than 300,000 followers on Facebook, also told the Phnom Penh Post:

“I know it’s my right to dress how I want, but our culture, Cambodian people, cannot accept it. I will now try not to be sexy as I usually am when I post on Facebook.”

The ministry, which remained firm in its decision, argued that Kwan failed to keep a written promise made in May that she will not be dress in sexy attire. Chamroeun Vantha, ministry adviser and chief of disciplinary counsel, stated (via Daily Mail):

“The council members decided to punish Denny Kwan by not having any activities in the entertainment industry for one year, such as filming, karaoke and singing performances on TV.”

Pon Putborei, spokesman for the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, echoed that Kwan should be sensitive of Cambodia’s culture.

Meanwhile, critics found Kwan’s punishment “appalling and ridiculous.” Thida Khus from women’s rights group Silaka commented:

“This situation only happens to women, and it’s gender discrimination. It’s a violation of gender equality. Women are the ones prone to this.”

Khus added that blocking Kwan from getting work is another form of discrimination. “This is a failure from the government by not exercising its duty in protecting people from gender discrimination.”

Kwan vows to quit being sexy within the year. Hopefully, she survives.


Source nextshark.com


A 34-year-old man from Southend has been telling our Chief Reporter about how he has lost his job after he asked a tattooist for ‘that guy from The Jam’ and it ended in disaster – his leg now has an image of the racially controversial Golliwog from Robinson’s Jam instead of his music idol Paul Weller. 

Paul Inkin told Southend News Network that he regrets not clarifying his choice with the head tattooist of Knuckles and Buckles Tattoo Parlour in Victoria Road, Southend.

He said: ‘I went in there last week and asked the guy for ‘that guy from The Jam’ and he looked at me like I was an idiot – I assumed it was because he hadn’t heard of Going Underground and That’s Entertainment.’

‘It only took him about an hour, and when he finished he covered it with a bandage and I went on my way. I took a sneak peek when I got home and my heart sank when I saw that my leg was emblazoned with the Golliwog character from Robinson’s Jam.’ 

‘I work for a community outreach programme in Hackney in London, and when my boss caught a glimpse of it I was dismissed on the spot as in his words ‘I would get lynched’ – I am now finding it tricky to get new work.’

‘All they keep telling me in the shop is that they gave me exactly what I asked for. Surely he should have double-checked first.’

‘I am consulting lawyers to see if I have a case for prosecution or a private lawsuit.’

We contacted Knuckles and Buckles for a comment, and their manager confirmed that they operate an ‘ask no questions’ policy due to ‘their clientele having a wide range of tastes.’

He added: ‘At least ten requests per week come from preserve enthusiasts who wish to get a permanent tribute to their favourite spreads.’

‘The only one I had to refuse in recent memory was someone who wanted a Nutella inking on their bottom.’

‘Whatever angle we used for the test photos, it looked awful, and the Nutella people would have probably kicked up a stink as well.’


Source southendnewsnetwork.com

Photos From A 1972 Rothschild Dinner Party

“While these events are usually extremely secretive, photographs of this particular Ball surfaced on the web. In short, it is a mix of an “Eyes Wide Shut”-style masked ball mixed with a Lady Gaga-style pop video. Indeed, behind the fun and games, these pics reveal the underlying ideology and the mind state of the occult elite”

Source www.anonews.co