A 17-year-old boy named Nenous Thabit is battling the ISIS war in an incredible way. Thabit is RECREATING sculptures and artifacts that were destroyed when the Islamic extremist group incursed most of Nimrud (His hometown).

Most of the historical monuments, including countless artifacts, were destroyed by the war. Islamic extremists were on a mission to destroy the symbols they considered idolaters, using hammers to bring about destruction.

But Nenous Thabit, 17, decided to do something about it in her own way. Thabit decided that the best way to retaliate was to recreate some of the objects and sculptures that were destroyed in the raid.

The city of Nimrud dates back about 3,000 years and was once the capital of the ancient Assyrian Empire.

The 17-year-old said in an interview:

“They made a war against art and culture, so I decided to fight them with art.”

In some of the images, the 17-year-old can be seen living in a modest home with his family, where he painstakingly sculpts some of the statues like the beard of Lamassu, an ancient Assyrian deity that is one of his favorites. It took about 15 days to complete a piece.

Speaking to CNN, Thabit said:

“Lamassu is my favorite statue. He is the strongest creature in the Assyrian heritage. It has the head of a human being, the legs of an ox and the wings of a vulture. “

However, announcing his work, Nenous Thabit and his family were in danger.

ISIS sees them as apostates. But this has not stopped Nenous from continuing his work by bringing back what was destroyed by terrorism. In the last year, the 17-year-old has recreated 18 ancient Assyrian statues and a mural.

The young man inherited the talent of his father, who is also a sculptor.

I see great potentialities in him, “said Thabit Michael, the child’s father.

“My dream is to become a prominent artist in Iraq to make my country feel proud and show the world that we in Iraq love life and value our heritage,” the boy said in a telephone interview with CNN.

This statue of Lucifer might be the creepiest art installation ever

The Holy Trinity Church in Marylebone, Westminster, built specifically to celebrate the defeat of Napoleon, hasn’t been used as a place of worship since the 30’s, but that didn’t stop artist Paul Fryer from making a religious statement by hanging this terrifying statue of Satan inside.


The piece, titled “Lucifer (Morningstar)” is a wax sculpture depicting the devil snared in a set of power lines. The statue is equal parts grotesque and beautiful, showing Lucifer as an oily, black creature with immense white wings (created from real feathers). Even creepier in the fact that it’s lit via the church’s stained glass windows, an ironic juxtaposition that won’t be lost on many.


Feyer hasn’t come out and said exactly what kind of statement he was trying to make at the Holy Trinity Church, but his certainly wasn’t the first. Earlier in 2008, the building (which is now being considered as a shopping center) hosted an art display that featured a crucified ape as the centerpiece.

Morning Star Installation 2

For more information on Paul Fryer and where you can see his macabre work for yourself, check out his website.