Gather Some Friends And Have A Séance

Séances are the gold standard of spirit communication, but they do require you to get assistance from a few open-minded friends. Some believe you must have an actual medium at the table. However, anyone who has experience with ghosts or who has psychic abilities will fill in nicely for a medium. Be sure that everyone focuses on the questions, and speak them clearly. Don’t break the chain of contact until you’re ready to stop talking to the dead.


Chant A Simple Spell To Connect To The Spirit World

The power of chanting a spell is twofold. First, it’s possible that it actually works and will connect you with the dead. Secondly, even if that doesn’t happen, the ritualized aspect of speaking a spell can help give you some closure. There are several chants available online, and the odds are high that you could even simply make up your own. To help you get started, though, here’s a common one. Be sure to think of your loved one while chanting it to get the best results.

“Spirit show yourself, spirit reveal, spirit come to me so I know you are real!”


The Dead Are Believed To Communicate Through White Feathers

White feathers are one of the 10 most common ways for the dead to reach out to the living. It’s said that their arrangement and timing indicates a specific message. Many believe that white feathers appear when a ghost or angel is attempting to communicate. This is especially interesting in areas where the presence of feathers makes no sense otherwise. It’s possible that purposefully gathering some white feathers before you try to speak to the dead could give them an important tool for reaching out to you.


Scents Evoke Powerful Memories, Even For The Dead

Memories are more closely related to scents than any of our other senses. That’s the reason you find yourself instantly transported back in time when you smell something from your childhood. Take advantage of this while trying to connect with the dead. Use a scent that held a particularly strong memory for them whenever you attempt to speak to a deceased loved one. Pay close attention for smells strongly associated with them appearing from out of nowhere as this might be a response.


Ask The Spirit To Speak To You Through A Digital Recording

Electronic voice phenomenon, or EVP, is the basis of many paranormal investigations. Put simply, if a recording captures a spectral voice, that’s proof that ghosts are not only real but in the same room. In the past, people used numerous types of audio recording equipment. We’re in the modern age, though, so you can upgrade the ghosts to newer technology such as digital recorders and smartphones. Set up your recording device, invite a spirit into the room, and start asking questions. With any luck, you’ll record a spooky response, and if not at least you’ll get to hear what your voice really sounds like.


Meditation Will Relax You And May Bring Spirits With It

Meditation is a relaxing stress reducer, but some claim it can do much more. If you clear your mind of all needless thoughts and open yourself to a spiritual connection, it’s possible a ghost could start whispering in the back of your mind. Psychics and mediums say this isn’t a sign you’re going crazy or that you’re faking yourself out. Instead, it’s a sign of genuine connection with the dead. You may also merely end up having a mental chat with yourself, but if it helps you cope, that’s not a bad thing.


Give The Dead An Easy Communication Method Such As Knocking


Do you have any idea how hard it is to communicate without corporeal form? Make it easier for the ghosts in your life by letting them know a specific form of paranormal activity works well for you. An especially good method is knocking because if they’re willing to play along, you can actually ask questions and get answers. Tell them one knock means yes and two means no or vice-versa. This takes all of the guesswork out of spirit communication and uses a tool that’s already in their wheelhouse.


You Can Speak To Your Departed Loved Ones In Your Dreams

Whether you believe in paranormal activity or not, there’s one place you can see your dearly departed loves ones: in your dreams. Some believers claim you can set an intention to see and speak with a specific spirit before you fall asleep. The truth is that anyone who concentrates on something before drifting to sleep has decent odds of seeing it in their dreams. Therefore, simply focus on your loved one at night, and you may get to see and talk to them again. If you do it correctly, you might even bring their spirit into your dreams.


Use Mirror Gazing To Reach Into The Paranormal World

Mirror gazing, AKA scrying, is an ancient method for communicating with the dead. It’s also one of the simplest ways possible to attempt to reach someone from beyond the grave. All you need is a mirror, a dark room, a comfortable chair, and some of your loved one’s personal belongings. Place the items near the mirror and touch them while going into a complete state of relaxation. Allow everything to become relaxed and slightly unfocused, including your eyes. If a ghost wants to talk, you should begin seeing their hazy shape in the mirror. It’s also possible this means you’ve let your eyes become a little too unfocused, but you can help rule this out by asking questions after the dead arrive.


Table Tipping Lets The Dead Provide Yes Or No Answers

We’ve all sat at a wobbly table that seemed to tip whenever anyone made the slightest movement. Instead of grabbing one of those tables, though, you’ll want to get one that’s typically very sturdy. Make sure it’s comfortable and easy to sit at. Bring a group of friends to the table and have them all place their fingers on it. Through answering yes or no questions, you can quickly determine if a ghost is nearby. Make sure you don’t sit too close to the table because if this method really works, the table is going to start tipping on its own and you don’t want to get whacked in the leg or stomach.


Allow Messages To Flow Through You With Automatic Writing

Automatic writing requires little in the way of supplies, but experts in the field of paranormal activity do caution that it can be dangerous. In a nutshell, the idea is to grab a pad of paper, a pen, and a comfortable place to sit. Next, clear your mind through meditation and then open yourself up to the spirit you’d like to talk to. Ask them to use your hand to transcribe their message. If it works, your hand should start moving without your input.

The result of this automatic writing session may be sloppy and very difficult to read. Take your time interpreting it so that you can figure out what the ghost is trying to say. Be aware that malevolent spirits may attempt to enter your body in this way. Even if the writing ends up only coming from you, it could provide a fascinating insight into your psyche.

Pendulum Swinging Can Give You The Answers You’re Looking For

A pendulum may give the dead an easy way to communicate their thoughts. After you select one you like and program it to provide yes and no answers in a specific way, you can ask ghosts to speak through your pendulum. All you have to do is sit still, hold the pendulum as still as possible, and ask yes or no questions. It’s also suggested to think of your loved one and invite them to speak through your pendulum. You should probably turn off any fans, air conditioners, or heating units with nearby vents too so that you don’t accidentally believe your deceased love one is giving you a message that’s nothing more than moving air.