VIDEOSCouple Caught Having Sex Whilst Ordering Domino’s Pizza Are Now Facing Jail

Several months back we reported on a couple who were caught on CCTV getting it on whilst ordering pizza at Domino’s. Classy.


Anyway, new footage has emerged in relation to the case showing the couple imitating a sex act with a traffic cone. As said, classy. And now it appears that Daniella Hirst, 28, and Craig Smith, 31, could now be facing jail for their Domino’s action after being found guilty of public indecency in court yesterday.

The full footage of the pair was revealed in court. Hirst has since pleaded guilty to public indecency. Smith on the other hand didn’t appear in court as he was already in jail over other matters. Go figure.

Defending, Scott McLaughlin said:

This case speaks for itself. Clearly, they were in drink and let their exuberant spirits get the better of them.

There is nothing sinister in relation to the acts themselves, they are quite guarded.

They have not been brazen in their actions.

Miss Hirst’s dirty laundry has been aired in public.

The pair will be sentenced next month. I guess at least they’re both facing up to what they’ve done and are willing to deal with the punishment. If you’re going to have sex in Domino’s then you’ve got to embrace the consequences.



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