NASA Denies That It’s Running a Child Slave Colony on Mars

On Thursday, Alex Jones welcomed a guest to talk about how kidnapped children have been sent on a two-decade mission to space. NASA now denies the interplanetary conspiracy.

A report on Alex Jones’ InfoWars claiming child sex slaves have been kidnapped and shipped to Mars is untrue, NASA told The Daily Beast on Thursday.

“There are no humans on Mars. There are active rovers on Mars. There was a rumor going around last week that there weren’t. There are,” Guy Webster, a spokesperson for Mars exploration at NASA, told The Daily Beast. “But there are no humans.”

On Thursday’s program, the InfoWars host welcomed guest Robert David Steele onto The Alex Jones Show, which airs on 118 radio stations nationwide, to talk about kidnapped children he said have been sent on a two-decade mission to space.

“We actually believe that there is a colony on Mars that is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space on a 20-year ride,” said Steele. “So that once they get to Mars they have no alternative but to be slaves on the Mars colony.”

Jones echoed Steele, saying “clearly they don’t want us looking into what is happening” because “every time probes go over they turn them off.”

“Look, I know that 90 percent of the NASA missions are secret and I’ve been told by high level NASA engineers that you have no idea. There is so much stuff going on,” Jones said.

At the beginning of his campaign in December of 2015, President Donald Trump told Alex Jones that “your reputation is amazing” and “I will not let you down” in a half-hour interview on InfoWars.

In the 2016 campaign, Jones amplified the baseless Pizzagate conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was running a child sex ring under the basement of a D.C. pizza shop that has no basement. The theory was kicked off by a Reddit user who claimed John Podesta’s hacked emails show proof of a global child sex ring if one were to replace the word “pizza” with “little boy.”

Edgar M. Welch fired shots into that pizza shop after sending a video of one of Jones’ segments to a friend, according to police.

Jones has since apologized directly to James Alefantis, the owner of Comet Pizza, in a carefully worded letter and statement. He later hired Mike Cernovich, who pushed Pizzagate-related hashtags prior to the election in an effort to make them trend on Twitter, as an InfoWars host. Cernovich was granted a one-day pass to the White House press briefing in May, and Donald Trump Jr. said he would “win a Pulitzer” in a “long gone time of unbiased journalism.”

On Thursday’s Infowars broadcast, Steele alleged the kidnapped children were not only being kidnapped for space labor, but also murdered for their blood and bone marrow.

“Pedophilia does not stop with sodomizing children,” said Steele. “It goes straight into terrorizing them to adrenalize their blood and then murdering them. It also includes murdering them so that they can have their bone marrow harvested as well as body parts.”

“This is the original growth hormone,” said Jones.

When NASA’s Webster was asked about the veracity of the one rumor by The Daily Beast on Thursday, he responded, “there’s only one stupid rumor on the Internet? Now that’s news.”

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    1. Hey i was a squater for years now i try to turn back into the systhem to make my life better and the government fucks me over they took my house and put me in a center were i cant do nothing else all day they say i cant work a must apply for social security money when you get there they want to make you go to work so im split between two fucked up worlds

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    3. And now all these people give me a severe burnout i cant even fill in papers without getting stressed i never was like this i used take care of myself i never been this rock bottem

    1. Jason Berrios sorry I have no idea what you are attempting to say,I hope you do not think Alex Jones is any good he has been proven to lie and twist the truth especially when it comes to refugees and terrorist if in doubt do the research and wake up the man is a fake don’t fall for it,your quote free yourself don’t believe him

  1. well where else do you think all the missing kids went, the ones that were never found they were taken up there. to be used. and they want to take adults to mars or another planet on pretences haha.

  2. I’m confused to why they would even respond to accusations like this..It’s really strange why even respond to something so ludicrous? It should have been ignored if it wasn’t remotely true..Unless it’s being built to start a new planet and to leave this one behind..There’s plenty of land on this planet for sick circles of madness..If this was true it would be only for work purposes and a new civilization..

  3. i was a slave there. An alien helped me escape back to earth. Till i realized i was just really high at my job at jack in the box. I was tryna get away from my boss. He does treat me like a slave tho.

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