Sex Toy Scandal: Hundreds of Dildos Dangle from Portland Powerlines

Hundreds of large white and orange dildos have been strung together in pairs and are now dangling from city powerlines in Portland, Oregon.

Residents who seem to be embracing the appearance of the phallic sex toys have taken to social media to post photos of sightings with the hashtag #KeepPortlandWeird, a hashtag generally used to share quirky sightings and anecdotes from across the Pacific Northwest city.

Others, though, seem to be outraged about the potential for children to see the brightly colored rubber penises swinging in the breeze.

“All fun & games until your 6 yr old child asks, ‘What are those?’ as they point to the dildos in the sky,” Paul Ogg commented on Twitter.

The Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement has received many and various reports about the dildos, but so far nobody has ‘fessed up with an explanation for the display.

A spokesman for public utility Portland General Electric told Yahoo! News that she did not believe the rubber products posed a fire hazard.

While the dildos have heavily multiplied this week, a video posted to YouTube called “Portland is Dildos” shows that at least a couple have been hanging since June.


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