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VATICAN IN FLAMES: Fire and thick black smoke billowing above Pope’s walled city

PLUMES of dark smoke can be seen rising from the walled city, in Rome, as a fire rages near the religious site.

According to reports the Pope is inside the Vatican, the heart of the Roman Catholic Church. Alarming footage from the scene shows black smoke pouring into the sky at a considerable rate.  Visitors have taken to social media to express their shock at the scenes unfolding in the city. One person simply tweeted: “Vatican on fire”.

Another said: “Possible explosion at the Vatican.”A third posted online: “Currently a major fire (near the #Vatican), heavy smoke, big column of smoke rises up into the sky.”One eyewitness said they saw smoke, adding: “Then a few minutes later there was a loud boom and more smoke”.

Pope Vatican fire smoke
Alarming footage from the scene shows black smoke pouring into the sky
Vatican pope fire smoke
The fire is reportedly coming from a neighbourhood behind the Vatican
“I’ve heard lots of sirens.”The smoke was drifting high over my apartment.”Photos show a fire raging behind a building, and it is said to have taken hold in the Primavalle district of Rome.

Smoke pours from buildings dangerously close to the Vatican

The fire is said to be coming from a neighbourhood behind the Vatican, and the blaze is not inside the city walls. Local reports indicate the fire is at a nearby car pound, and has “shrouded a building”.The home of the Pontiff, the Vatican is the smallest country in the world measuring just 0.2 square miles. The Pope recently met with US president Donald Trump, and his wife Melania, in his first foreign tour. The pair exchanged gifts, with the Pontiff handing the billionaire a copy of his 2015  encyclical on the effects of climate change. When deciding on a new Pope the papal conclave, the college of cardinals convene and the colour of smoke emanating from the Sistine Chapel indicates whether a decision has been made. Dark smoke indicates the ballot did not result in a new pope, while white smoke indicates a new one has been chosen. 


Source www.express.co.uk


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    • It’s hilariously blatent….and these people then become the moral compass for humanity hahahahaha thru the most dangerously negative persuasions…. I’ve come to the conclusion that this existence isn’t real….it’s too insane!

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