Could we clone Jesus? Scientists are closing in on the DNA of Christ

Various oddballs have claimed to be on the verge of cloning Jesus Christ – despite the fact that no one has cloned a human being yet, never mind the son of God.

But could we track down the DNA of the Messiah?

George Busby of the University of Oxford worked on a History Channel documentary called ‘The Jesus Strand’, which premieres on April 16.

Writing for The Conversation, Busby said, ‘In 2010, Kasimir Popkonstantinov discovered what he believes are the bones of one of the most famous of all saints: John the Baptist. I was interested in what DNA analysis could tell us about these bones, and other ones.

‘When Kasimir later opened the reliquary, he found five bone fragments. The epitaph on the smaller box, probably used to carry the bones when travelling, was the key piece of evidence that led him to believe that the bones could perhaps be those of John the Baptist.

‘The finding is hugely important, partly because John the Baptist was both a disciple of Jesus and his cousin – meaning they would share DNA.

Busby says that it’s still not clear that the DNA is from John the Baptist – but he spoke with other scientists who have extracted several different DNA samples from the Turin Shroud.

Another team is working to extract DNA from the James Ossuary, a first century chalk box which may have held the bones of Jesus’ brother.

Busby says, ‘Let’s assume for a moment that contamination could be completely ruled out and that DNA analysis demonstrated that DNA from the Shroud was a familial match to DNA from the James Ossuary – and that they are both related to the Bulgarian bones. Could this then have been the DNA of Jesus and his family?’



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  1. Jesus… if he performed all those miracles quoted the bible then he was not human , he must of been an Alien , no human could preform miracles he left the Earth never to return .. so they will never find his DNA ..

  2. This is old hat and already been done, his blood group is A and all they could get was his mother’s dna plus the chromosome indicating his sex, the blood didn’t indicate a father the 14th century results from carbon dating was shown to be flawed and contaminated because it came from a piece of cloth which had been a replacement and handled many times, the problem with the carbon dating is that they had a sadarium which is the head cloth from the victim, it was from the shroud and contained the same features of the victim but had been locked away in the same church since the tenth century so further evidence that the carbon dating was flawed, the cloth was only one of two in existence the other came from masada isreal and is two thousand years old the expert who was given the job of restoration and a cloth expert told them, even the coins on the eyes were from the reign of pontious pilote but the killer was when a top Italian scientist said the image was made by intense heat

  3. Only extremely evoluted aliens can walk on water just by creating the image , so the flesh is just a cover not to scare people of its time , I think there will be no DNA there Jesus is Divine not human

    1. He’s neither. If anything, he’s an alien from another plant. The idiots back then didn’t understand how that works, as sand people normally don’t, and called them gods, which they weren’t.

  4. Robert Brinkerhoff I’m quite aware how many chromosomes make up the human genome the whole point is that the person on the shroud doesn’t have an earthly father only the mothers are present 23 chromosomes plus the chromosome indicating the sex now let me guess who can they belong to, blows the crap about christ never existing out the water

    1. You know what else just has mitochondrial DNA? People who came they are half aliens and humans. Take the elongated skulls from Peru. They only have mitochondrial DNA. So some have suggested that they are not from this planet. But given that Jesus was also half alien, by definition God is not of this earth so he is categorized as an alien, he would have the same DNA results as other alien human hybrids.

    1. Jesus is only mentioned in the bible. There are no other texts from the time and area reffering to Jesus. No scolars, philosofers or wisemen have mentioned somebody called Jesus. If he existed and had the ability to cure the blind, heal the sick, walk on water, turn water into wine and resurrected from the dead he would have been all over the books and texts from that time.

    2. Jesus Christ is a character used to tell a story of reincarnation of the spirit within every being. Looking at other cultures which predate that of Christianity and we find similar character that tell of the same thing. Even other biblical stories are copy’s of an original source. So basically the Bible and it’s stories are a basterdisation of older traditions that were metaphysical and not physical in nature.

  5. Do not play god. Jesus was a natural born human being. He was a gift from God in fact it was God in human form end of story. We do not have the right as a human species to play God stop this nonsense. I will personally take it as a personal vindictive that if somebody clones Jesus’s DNA I will personally be hunting you down trust me I have track many different kinds of species on this planet and the scientist would be no different end of story.

    1. Todd Jeremy Jumper. The only God like traces humans have is that we have free will of choice and nothing less. We as a human race have no right to act as God. We have no right to clone. We have the right to create new life but not to recreate old life.

    2. Ok Daniel? Are you trying to tell us that humans did not have free will of choise before the so called son of god (god himself) was born.?

      According to the bible Jesus was not born in natural ways. He was born by at virgin.. does that sound natural to you?

  6. I have seen this face when I was young in a photo he was in a cloud holding a baby after my dads friend took a picture of a rainbow in Armidale NSW Australia it was in the papper I think my dad still has a coppie same face

  7. Clone Jesus? We can’t guarantee he ever existed.
    If He did, & if we could, the question remains =–> SHOULD WE?
    If Jesus existed, & if He was indeed divine, would it not be the height of hubris for us to interfere with “God’s plan?”
    Suppose, for the sake of argument, that we did manage to clone Jesus from cells obtained who knows how…would the clone, having been experimentally produced, have Jesus’ powers to perform miracles? More importantly, since He’s being created by man & machine, WOULD THE CLONE EVEN HAVE A SOUL? How dangerous would it be to have a person with the ability to produce food from thin air, to heal the sick, & even to raise the dead, all while having no soul? Would the clone inherit other superhuman abilities from the original that we know nothing about, because the original never used them?
    Would you be so stupid as to actually do it…to clone Christ, to take the role of God, the father…if you could?

    1. Jesus didn’t exist. Read the Talmud it tells you that the name Jesus is not mentioned once in the Bible. A man with a similar name was put to death by the Romans for an uprising against them.

    2. His name wasn’t Jesus, either.
      I’ve done a little reading on the subject.
      Are you familiar with Mithra? There are a bunch of similarities between Mithra & Jesus. Son of God . Lots of miracles including creating food from thin air, healing the sick, & raising the dead. Mithra was crucified, too, & resurrected.
      Mithra lived 600 BC. Constantine used his birth date of Dec 25 to apply it to the model of Christianity he created.
      The Gnostic books that were omitted in Constantine’s final draft of the Bible don’t mention that Jesus was the son of God.
      I find it fascinating how this modern christian faith has developed.

  8. Maybe only his physical body as it was the consciousness within original JC won’t be there though so it’s kinda useless… did anyone ever read the story the monkeys paw??… we’ll that…

  9. Anyone ever wonder, if Jesus came to earth tomorrow. He’s walking amongst everyone. He is saying, I am Jesus Christ. How much proof would he have to give us, to believe that he really is? Would we think he was some Crank ? Would some religions try to destroy him like they do the Christian believer’s? I know, if it was end of time. And he came down from the sky we most likely would. But if he just visited us all. I bet it would put the craps up some of us. Just a thought.


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