Colorado boy, 6, suspended for kiss gets allegations on record changed from ‘sexual harassment’ to ‘misconduct’

The principal at the Colorado school where a 6-year-old was suspended Monday for planting a kiss on a classmate’s cheek said the allegations on the student’s record will be changed from “sexual harassment” to “misconduct.”

Tammy DeWolfe, the principal at the Lincoln School of Science and Technology in Canon City, said the school has been working with Hunter Yelton’s family to resolve the issue stemming from the incident.

Yelton was initially accused of sexual harassment that Canon City school officials wanted on his school record. A School District RE-1 official said the repeat offenses meet the school policy definition of sexual harassment and they hope the tough standards will force the boy to change his behavior.

“They sent me to the office, fair and square. I did something wrong and I feel sorry,” Yelton, told KRDO-TV. The school’s voicemail box is full and they have not returned calls.

Yelton’s mother, Jennifer Saunders, told the station, “I’m going to stand up and fight for him because that’s not the case, that’s not what happened at all.”

The boy’s mother said her son was suspended once before for kissing the girl and had disciplinary problems, but the girl did not object to being kissed. She told the station that the two children like each other. The girl, however, told Fox News she just wanted Yelton to “knock it off.”

In the meantime, the Cannon City School District has been inundated with phone calls in defense of the boy. A woman who answered the phone at district office said the office is “very busy,” dealing with some callers who are being hateful. The woman did not provide her name.

The Colorado Department of Education said it does not have jurisdiction in local control issues and will not comment on the issue. Local elected school boards and administrators set their own rules, it said.


Men are ‘zapping’ their penises to treat erectile dysfunction

Move aside, Viagra — there’s a new treatment for erectile dysfunction, and it’s, well, shocking.

The procedure, called GainsWave, zaps tens of thousands of sound waves through a man’s penis to improve blood flow and enable erections. Scary as it sounds, urologists and sexual-health proponents are getting excited about it.

“People in the community who deal with erectile dysfunction often use the word ‘promising’ when they talk about this therapy,” says Dr. Michael Reitano, the physician-in-residence for men’s health startup Roman, the creators of the erection-tracking app Morning Glory.

The therapy is available in a handful of practices in New York City and several more nationwide. Its proponents say the sound wave pulses cause new blood vessels and nerve tissue to grow within the penis, enabling better blood flow and possibly improving tissue sensitivity.

But, Reitano notes, the science to support the procedure’s benefits isn’t quite there yet.

The Food and Drug Administration has yet to clear GainsWave for use in erectile dysfunction treatment, though it has approved the technology for other types of rehabilitation, such as plantar fasciitis and lateral epicondylitis of the elbow.

Though early clinical studies have found the treatment to be safe and have seen some success, Reitano says larger and longer-term patient studies and trials are still needed to ensure its efficacy.

Even then, it’s probably at best an alternative option for the 10 percent of men who had no luck with the little blue pill, Reitano says.

But for those men, GainsWave’s therapy could be a total game changer in the bedroom and beyond, Dr. Kate Kass, a Washington state-based functional medicine physician who was one of the early adopters of GainsWave, tells The Post.

“It can mean everything for a man,” says Kass, who piloted the GainsWave technology about two years ago at her practice after seeing its success in Europe. She uses it with her patients regularly now. “It takes away stress on their relationship, improves their self-confidence, and their confidence in other arenas of life. It can be a huge relief.”

Gainswave was recently highlighted on biohacker Dave Asprey’s podcast. Asprey, who hopes to live until he’s 180 years old, gave the procedure a try with Kass. (Hey, he’ll probably need something like this when he rounds 100.) In a video documenting the experience, Asprey applied a numbing cream to his penis. Then, Kass used a device that looks like a cross between a nail gun and a heavy-duty vibrator to shoot small jolts of sound waves all over the area. (She says some men experience a pins-and-needles-like sensation, but it’s otherwise painless.)

Asprey described the sensation as “less trouble than a heavy workout” and ultimately “anticlimactic.”

The therapy, which is administered by a doctor about once a week for six to 12 weeks, costs about $3,000 and isn’t covered by insurance. Kass, who has also tried erectile dysfunction therapies that involve injecting stem cells into the penis, says 75 to 80 percent of her patients experience success with the GainsWave therapy. Some go off meds like Viagra entirely, or use them far less.

But Kass says that men should first try to focus on living a healthy lifestyle before they decide whether shocking their penis is right for them.

“While diet, exercise and lowering your stress is not as sexy as injecting stem cells into your penis or shocking it with sound waves, those things really need to be addressed, and treatments like these will work better for you if you’re addressing them.”




An agreement has been made between a Government inquiry, Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood and Electric Blue (the soft core porn show), to release the infamous footage of the British electorate ‘getting shafted’. While elements of the transcript will be withheld, the ‘chilling’ Chilcot Tape contains graphic footage of democratic accountability ‘taking it every which they can’ by George ‘You know what the W stands for’ Bush, Tony ‘Lovelace’ Blair and a soiled copy of the US constitution.

There has been some speculation that continued lapses of memory demonstrated by both men are evidence that rohypnol may have been involved. Certainly neither can recall the couple doing it ‘doggy style’, with Blair adopting a coquettish yet supplicant poodle pose. Although, George Bush is alleged to have only turned to the UK to assist in his military action after being rebuffed by Kim Kardashian.

Reminiscent of Paris Hilton’s sex tape, there is also grainy ‘night vision’ footage of soldiers blundering around in the Middle East dressed in fetish combat gear. The inquiry has been given ‘full access’ to the ‘steamy session’ between the two leaders, with chairman Sir John Chilcot forced to ask for regular breaks ‘with an aging gym sock’. Mr Blair, who appeared in a basque and suspenders before the inquiry to justify his decision to take the UK to war against Saddam Hussein, admitted he hoped the leak would boost his flagging career ‘like Abi Titmuss’.

Mr. Blair expects to launch a book deal, reality TV show and Middle Eastern peace process on the back of the media frenzy surrounding his ‘bare-faced cheek’ and ‘cheeky bare-arsed peek’. Both Bush and Blair have conceded that they ‘may have’ mislead the UN, caused thousands of needless deaths but both drew the line at appearing in a future sex tape with Katie Price.




In this video, I’m taking a look at a photo sent in my Jack Hayden. It claims to show a small dinosaur that was captured by locals in Africa. But is it real? Or is it fake? Let me know what you think.


Dinosaurs are a diverse group of reptiles of the clade Dinosauria that first appeared during the Triassic period. Although the exact origin and timing of the evolution of dinosaurs is the subject of active research the current scientific consensus places their origin between 231 and 243 million years ago. They became the dominant terrestrial vertebrates after the Triassic–Jurassic extinction event 201 million years ago. Their dominance continued through the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods and ended when the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event led to the extinction of most dinosaur groups 66 million years ago.

The fossil record indicates that birds are modern feathered dinosaurs having evolved from theropod ancestors during the Jurassic Period As such, birds were the only dinosaur lineage to survive the mass extinction event Throughout the remainder of this article, the term “dinosaur” is sometimes used generically to refer to the combined group of avian dinosaurs (birds) and non-avian dinosaurs; at other times it is used to refer to the non-avian dinosaurs specifically, while the avian dinosaurs are sometimes simply referred to as “birds”. This article deals primarily with non-avian dinosaurs.


Dinosaurs are a varied group of animals from taxonomic, morphological and ecological standpoints. Birds, at over 10,000 living species, are the most diverse group of vertebrates besides perciform fish Using fossil evidence, paleontologists have identified over 500 distinct genera[8] and more than 1,000 different species of non-avian dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are represented on every continent by both extant species (birds) and fossil remains. Through the first half of the 20th century, before birds were recognized to be dinosaurs, most of the scientific community believed dinosaurs to have been sluggish and cold-blooded. Most research conducted since the 1970s, however, has indicated that all dinosaurs were active animals with elevated metabolisms and numerous adaptations for social interaction. Some are herbivorous, others carnivorous. Evidence suggests that egg laying and nest building are additional traits shared by all dinosaurs.

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Elon Musk Offers To Buy And Then Delete Facebook

Earlier this week, Elon Musk made global headlines when he deleted the official SpaceX and Tesla pages from Facebook. Musk made certain to clarify that he didn’t make the decision for political reasons, but rather because Facebook gives him “the willies.”

Today, Musk announced that he has reached out to Facebook and offered to buy every share of the company, effectively making him the sole owner of the social media platform. Musk was speaking to a gathering of SpaceX and Tesla investors and told the group even though he has deep misgivings about the site, he’d “do humanity a favor” and buy it.

“I’ve got some cash to burn, so if Zuck wants to make a deal, he knows where to find me,” Musk told investors. “I’d make him a fair offer.”

Musk then showed a PowerPoint presentation that detailed in great length what his plan for Facebook would be.

“You know, when I told some close confidantes about this idea of mine, they all wanted to know what I’d do with Facebook,” Musk explained. “And as much as I know people like to use it as the Internet’s premier ex-girlfriend or boyfriend stalking platform, I think I have much better solution, and I mean better for the species, if not our entire planet.”

Musk showed the investors in the room an animated video that detailed his plans for Facebook. The video shows a SpaceX Falcon rocket blasting off into the sky. At one point the two solid boosters fall off and glide on a precise path down to the landing pad. Both rockets land perfectly square, and one ends up resting gently on a big red button labeled “DELETE.”

“And you can see that the second side booster would end up pressing the delete button,” Musk said. “Which would send a proton torpedo down the exhaust port of Facebook’s headquarters, triggering a chain reaction that should destroy the platform.”

Cheers erupted in the room. Chants of “Fuck Zuck! Fuck Zuck! Fuck Zuck!” reverberated throughout the building, growing so loud it drowned out the sound of the ocean’s waves at every beach on the planet. Musk stepped away from the podium he was speaking from, raised his arms in the air in triumph, and took in the adulation from everyone in the room.

This story is developing.

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An amateur rocket-maker finally launched himself off Earth. Now to prove it’s flat …

Mike Hughes, a California man who is most known for his belief that the Earth is shaped like a Frisbee, finally blasted off into the sky in a steam-powered rocket he had built himself.

The 61-year-old limo driver and daredevil-turned-rocket-maker soared about 1,875 feet above the Mojave Desert on Saturday afternoon, the Associated Press reported. Hughes’s white-and-green rocket, bearing the words “FLAT EARTH,” propelled vertically about 3 p.m. Pacific time and reached a speed of about 350 mph, Waldo Stakes, who has been helping Hughes, told the AP. Hughes deployed two parachutes while landing, the second one just moments before he plopped down not far from his launching point.

video shows that the whole endeavor, from the moment his rocket went up to the moment he landed, lasted about a minute.

Mike Hughes’s homemade rocket launches near Amboy, Calif., on Saturday. The self-taught rocket scientist, who believes Earth is flat, propelled himself about 1,875 feet into the air before a hard landing in the Mojave Desert. (Matt Hartman/AP)

The vertical launch, which happened without a countdown more than 200 miles east of Los Angeles, came amid growing skepticism that Hughes would ever lift himself off. The launch had been postponed multiple times, partly because Hughes said he couldn’t get permission from a federal agency to conduct it on public land.

After he landed Saturday, Hughes told the AP that he was “relieved” but that he expected to feel the physical toll of it all the next day.

“Am I glad I did it? Yeah. I guess. I’ll feel it in the morning. I won’t be able to get out of bed,” he said. “At least I can go home and have dinner and see my cats tonight.”

He also said he’d been frustrated with assumptions that he “chickened out,” so he “manned up and did it.”

Hughes had been on a mission to prove that the Earth is flat and that NASA astronauts such as John Glenn and Neil Armstrong were merely paid actors performing in front of a computer-generated image of a round globe. His previous failed attempts, as well as the successful one on Saturday, are all part of his ultimate goal to propel himself at least 52 miles above Earth by the end of the year — and to prove once and for all that the planet is flat.

On March 6, self-taught rocket scientist Mike Hughes began repairing a steam leak after scrubbing a launch attempt near Amboy, Calif. (James Quigg/Daily Press/AP)

Hughes had initially planned to launch his rocket in November, but he postponed it, claiming the Bureau of Land Management told him he couldn’t do so on federal land. A spokeswoman for the agency, however, said its field office has no record of speaking with Hughes.

The launch was postponed again later that month, as Hughes moved his launching point to a private property near Amboy, Calif., an unincorporated community in the Mojave Desert.

“It’s still happening. We’re just moving it three miles down the road,” Hughes told The Washington Post in late November, as he hauled the rocket to the new spot. “I don’t see [the launch] happening until about Tuesday, honestly. It takes three days to set up. . . . You know, it’s not easy because it’s not supposed to be easy.”

In February, Hughes finally attempted his flight, but his rocket didn’t ignite. He blamed technical difficulties.

The Sharp family of Creston, Iowa, was found dead inside a condominium while vacationing in Tulum, Mexico. Authorities said March 23 no foul play was suspected.

To Hughes’s credit, he has shown some skills in building rockets. He set a Guinness World Record in 2002 for a limousine jump, according to Ars Technica, and has been building rockets for years, albeit with mixed results. He built his first manned rocket in 2014, the AP reported, and managed to fly a quarter-mile over Winkelman, Ariz.

According to the AP, Hughes’s hard landing on Saturday left him injured, though it is unclear what type of injuries he suffered. Photos show paramedics carrying Hughes on a stretcher and into an ambulance.

Also among Hughes’s plans — aside from trying to get to space — is to run for governor.

“This is no joke,” he told the AP. “I want to do it.”

Mike Hughes is carried on a stretcher after his rocket landed in the Mojave Desert on Saturday. (Matt Hartman/AP)

Buckets of rocks placed in Pennsylvanian schools to thwart mass shootings

A Pennsylvania school district has placed buckets of rocks in all 200 of its classrooms to be used in the event of a mass shooting.

The Blue Mountain School District in Orwigsburg has also installed security cameras, secured building entrances and fortified classroom doors in an attempt to thwart future attacks.

Superintendent David Helsel said: “We didn’t want our students to be helpless victims.

“River stones were my idea. I thought they would be more effective than throwing books or book bags or staplers.”

February’s massacre of 17 pupils and teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, sparked fresh debate in the US about how to prevent school shootings.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans joined rallies in Washington and around the world on Saturday calling for tighter gun laws in March For Our Lives protests organised by survivors of the Valentine’s Day attack.

Image:The Marjory Stoneman Douglas massacre sparked debate on how to prevent school shootings

Superintendent Helsel said the idea of equipping classrooms came from his reading of the active-shooter defence programme known as ALICE – Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate.

He said his school board approved the rock buckets before they were put in the classrooms at the district’s five schools.

Parents in Orwigsburg, about 92 miles northwest of Philadelphia, have been mostly supportive, he said.

Robert Conroy, director of organising with gun control group CeaseFirePA, said: “We should be talking about real reform of gun laws.

“It is so unbelievably tragic that our society has come to a point where schools have to arm themselves with buckets of rocks to defend them against active shooters.”



Man Saves Beached Octopus, Last Thing He Expects Is A Thank You He’ll Never Forget

The ocean is full of mysterious creatures and interesting interactions, and nothing depicts that mystery better than a recent experience one man had with a stranded octopus!

Instead of leaving the beached octopus to pass away on the sand, the kind man scooped him up, waded into the ocean and released him back into the water. But it’s what happened next that going totally viral…

The ocean is full of mysterious creatures and interesting interactions, and nothing depicts that mystery better than a recent experience one man had with a stranded octopus!

Instead of leaving the beached octopus to pass away on the sand, the kind man scooped him up, waded into the ocean and released him back into the water. But it’s what happened next that going totally viral…

It all started when a man walking along the beach stumbled upon a tiny octopus that was gasping air and struggling to survive.

From the looks of things, it’s likely that the eight-legged creature had been hanging out in shallow water on the sandy beach, then was abandoned there when the tide rolled back out. The octopus became stuck in the sand until the man took notice and decided to help.

Recognizing that the octopus was clinging to life, the man took a clean plastic cup, filled it with water and gently scooped up the stranded octopus. Then he went into shallow water and tenderly scooched the octopus out of the cup and back into the ocean so as not to cause it any harm.

The man patiently stood there, watching it begin to creep itself back to its natural habitat – quite grateful that it had been saved. Within seconds, the octopus began breathing and wriggling around, blinking its big eyes.

But then the octopus did something shocking.

The itty bitty creature spread out its tentacles and scooched across the sandy ocean floor in the shallow water, creeping up to the man’s boot. Then, it placed two tentacles on his boot, almost as if to say, “Thank you for saving my life.”

The octopus stayed there for several seconds, rested its tentacles on the man’s foot, then pushed itself away and glided across the sand. Instead of fleeing back into the depths of the ocean, it remained nearby for almost an hour before heading out to deeper water.

Watch this amazing creature be resuscitated and then express its gratitude to a human being. It’s incredible!

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This robot can solve a Rubik’s Cube in .38 seconds

When future generations look back on 2018 what will they remember? Not much, I suspect, except for this amazing robot that can solve a Rubik’s cube in .38 seconds. The video, above, shows the cube in an unsolved position and then the actuators jump into action, slamming squares into place like some kind of crazed version of Will Smith’s character in The Pursuit of Happyness.

Created by Ben Katz and Jared Di Carlo, the project uses set of 6 Kollmorgen ServoDisc U9-series motors and 2 Playstation Eye cameras. The contraption reads the cube, solves it, and then slams the thing around in seconds.

The team also used a unique AND board that ensured that each motor would turn on and off independently, a feature that is necessary to ensure the entire thing doesn’t explode if the motors were to actuate at the same time. It then uses the min2phase algorithm to solve the cube in about 21 moves. They could even make the thing slightly faster with a bit of tweaking.

And there you have it: the technical feat of 2018. As someone who grew so frustrated with my Rubik’s Cube that I peeled off the stickers and told my Mom I solved it myself, hats off to Katz and Di Carlo. Now Elon Musk just has to solve a Rubik’s Cube in space to cap off an already exciting year.

This bonus video features a cube exploding mid-solve:

Sheriff LEGALLY pockets more than $750,000 meant to feed prison inmates and uses it buy a beach house

  • Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin took $750,000 from prison food funds
  • He used it to buy a lavish four-bedroom beach house with a pool and boat dock
  • Lawman claimed Alabama law meant he could keep ‘excess’ funds for himself
  • He even used a ‘food provision account’ to pay for getting his lawn mowed
Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin pocketed $750,000 meant to feed prison inmates and used it to buy a lavish beach house  

A sheriff pocketed $750,000 meant to feed prison inmates and used it to buy a lavish beach house – and it was completely legal.

Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin filed ‘more than $250,000’ of extra ‘compensation’ with the Alabama Ethics Commission from inmate feeding funds.

He claimed it under an obscure pre-WWII law allowed Alabama sheriffs to keep ‘excess’ prison food provisions for themselves.

The cash was used to buy this $740,000 four-bedroom beach house in the affluent town of Orange Beach near Pensacola

His windfall could be even higher as anything over $250,000 in a year does not have to be reported, according to the Birmingham News.

The cash was used to add a $740,000 four-bedroom beach house in the affluent town of Orange Beach near Pensacola to his $1.7 million real estate portfolio in September.

The house has 2.5 bathrooms, timber floors, a modern kitchen, wraparound porch, double garage, in-ground pool, and canal access with a boat dock.

Sheriff Entrekin and his wife Karen were able to amass at least six houses around the state despite him earning a salary of just $93,178.80.

The prison food funds came from federal, state, and local government taxpayers, but unlike other states did not have to be handed back if not used.

The lawman was so brazen about keeping the cash he paid Etowah handyman Matthew Qualls to mow his lawn with a cheque marked Sheriff Todd Entrekin Food Provision Account’.

The house has 2.5 bathrooms, timber floors, a modern kitchen, wraparound porch, double garage, in-ground pool, and canal access with a boat dock 
Sheriff Entrekin and his wife Karen were able to amass at least six houses around the state despite him earning a salary of just $93,178.80 

Sheriff Entrekin maintained keeping the money as he pleased was legal, despite growing condemnation and an ongoing statewide lawsuit.

‘The law says it’s a personal account and that’s the way I’ve always done it and that’s the way the law reads and that’s the way I do business. That’s the way the law’s written,’ he said.

‘In regards to feeding of inmates, we utilize a registered dietitian to ensure adequate meals are provided daily.

‘Alabama law is clear as to my personal financial responsibilities in the feeding of inmates. Regardless of one’s opinion of this statute, until the legislature acts otherwise, the Sheriff must follow the current law.’

Sheriff Entrekin’s opponent at this year’s sheriff election, Rainbow City Police Chief Jonathon Horton, said taxpayer funds should benefit taxpayers.

‘There’s been a tremendous amount of money left over that shouldn’t be used as a bonus check,’ he said.